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Evelyn Amo, Live In Amsterdam - The 10 Best Moments

Oct 8, 2016 | Modern Ghana
Evelyn Amo, Live In Amsterdam - The 10 Best Moments

The “Step By Step” songwriter and worshipper formerly called Evelyn Bamfo, is back from Maternity leave with a big concert at the C3 Church Auditorium, Amsterdam. The Amsterdam based African minister is poised to take her next great leap.

As people from around Europe stormed the auditorium, a buzz of anticipation filled the atmosphere. Evelyn Amo finally presents herself for a new concert.

After Evelyn and Berima started a family, she took leave of touring to raise her 4 beautiful kids. Besides that, she found time to do other projects by the side. By supporting her husband Berima Amo and other artists with their concerts, singing with Ghana Community Choir and in conferences around Europe once in a while. She also has 3 studio albums out in the span of her music ministry. The latest is titled “Great Deliverer”. Check it out, you will love it. Actually, her latest 2016 CD was what got me interested in her June 4 concert. It was apparent that most of her fans had missed her because of the feedback she got anytime she spoke with them. But i must add it was quit shocking when she dropped everything some thirteen years ago. Especially when she was at the top of her game.

So this June 4 concert was Evelyn's first true solo ministration in a long long time.

1082016121455 evelyn curacao photo

Expectations were sky high, and I wondered if she had lost her touch after so many years away from the music scene. Because I have known Evelyn Amo's ministry for over 15 years now. But to my amazement, she still carries an anointing like no other, and I would say the oil has even increased open her life. There's an indescribable depth with her ministration now. The evening started with only worship strings and vocals. It is unusual to begin concerts with slow songs I must add. But I later understood why. She wanted to build the whole evening to a climax with her power packed praise songs at the end. She walked on stage with such grace and poise singing Dwo Dwo Dwo - meaning still still still, my heart be still. At most concerts you will expect some warm-up songs before you later feel the presence of God but with Evelyn Amo's concert, the presence was apparent right from the first song. By the time she got to her third song - Lift His Name Higher - even I was feeling something - tingles - “indescribable feeling” and a few people where crying in the audience also. So you can imagine the rest of the evening.

Oh, and another thing, she was the only artist to sing for that whole event. That is also rare in the African community, were you see a gazillion artists on one event. So it was nice to truly experience the whole “Evelyn Amo” package in all it's glory. I found some of these observations strange at the time, but when i got home to write and I was pondering over the whole evening, I began to understand why she chose to divert from the norm. I'm glad someone is taking bold steps to be themselves in this industry were copying has become a norm. The ushers looked sharp and the stage was colourful. Evelyn Amo represented her African culture to taste. There was even a beautiful “Lion king” type dancer in the second session.

1082016121453 eve concertpics

A few minor issues: People came in late so the room looked empty at the beginning. But our “African time” attitude is a big problem with black events. But what surprised me was Evelyn began the show on time regardless. The break after the first session was't clear and the CD launch was too long. And it wasn't clear whether the event was a CD launching or just a concert.

Apart from that, I had a blast. Overall this was an immensely satisfying concert. The musicianship and harmonies was a wow!

It was like a cd was playing. With Berima Amo as the music director of the whole evening, we can't even expect less. The songs were simple to follow but deep. Evelyn's music, I will say, is first to bring you into God's presence, then mend broken hearts, heals hurts and give hope to every listener. And this is reminiscent of her hit song Step By Step. And the sound, oh the sound in the auditorium was heaven itself. No distortions, everything was clear. It's nice to see black folks come together to organise something of this quality. But then again, I'm not surprised because from everything Berima Amo does, you observe that he is a visionary leader and carries a spirit of excellence. One thing that I have come to realise is that, the anointing on a life never fades if it is from God, like old wine it tastes even better. I have become a fan of Evelyn Amo's ministry again.

I believe an Evelyn Amo season has finally arrived, so watch out for more concerts and ministrations from this awesome lady and her husband. I must add, they work beautifully together. Berima & Evelyn Amo run a ministry in Amsterdam, and they are currently restructuring their Sunday services into a purely music based ministry, called City On A Hill, with a relaunch in 2017. I can't wait to see what happens with that. I think I saw on Facebook they are also preparing for a USA tour in December 2016. Awesome!

Visit her social media to connect with her and also check out her website for upcoming shows and events.

All I can say to end this article is; I'm glad EVELYN AMO IS BACK.

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