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12.04.2016 General News

PR is not spin doctoring - Mawuko Afadzinu

PR is not spin doctoring - Mawuko Afadzinu
LISTEN APR 12, 2016

Head of Marketing and Communications at Stanbic Bank, Mawuko Afadzinu, has stressed that Public Relations (PR) is neither spin doctoring nor propaganda, but rather a decent profession that involves ability, dexterity and creative thinking.

He made this assertion when he addressed a group of PR students and practitioners at the “Double-Do Evening Encounter” organized by the Institute of Public Relations Ghana.

Speaking on the topic: The Beauty and the Beast: Reflections and Mutterings on the Current State of PR in Ghana , Afadzinu called on PR practitioners in Ghana to erase bad perception in the minds of the public. With the myriad of imaginary limitations and negative perceptions about PR, he urged practitioners not to compromise on professionalism.

“Excellent PR is grounded in facts and integrity,” he said. “You need to add value wherever you find yourselves and make sure you bring clear measurable benefits to whichever entity you are in.

He further charged practitioners to be sharp, and adapt to every situation they find themselves in.

“Are you becoming a specialist in your field? Can you become an authority, someone we can depend on as much as we depend on pilots, lawyers or accountants? Will you bring value to the table and impact your business in a significant, practical and measurable way? Is there appreciation of your services?” he challenged practitioners.

He stressed on the need for practitioners to research continually in order to understand and specialize in their respective fields. He also encouraged PR practitioners to work harder, build capacity, and have a craving to be the best. He added that PR is not a profession to be taken lightly as it is very critical to the democratic experiment, academic progression and influences one’s sense of well-being.

“It is not a career for the untalented,” he said. “If you don’t have the ability, get another profession because PR is not meant for the indolent or faint-hearted.”

Dr. Joyce Aryee, a co-speaker at the event, also added that to be a good PR practitioner, one must be dedicated, intellectually curious, authentic and understand the language of the community he or she serves.

The “Double-Do Evening Encounter” was organized to give seasoned practitioners the platform to share best practices with upcoming professionals.

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