Thu, 03 Dec 2015 Press Release

2015 Patient Solidarity Day On December 5

  Thu, 03 Dec 2015

Today (Saturday 5th December, 2015) is being observed as Patient Solidarity Day throughout the world. Patients and organizations around the world are standing together to call for universal health coverage under the theme: Healthcare is a Human Right.

Patient Solidarity Day is a day to come together, unite and speak with one voice. It recognizes that regardless of disease, religion or nationality, we all share common problems. It’s a day to share, and learn best practices for disease prevention and management. It’s a day to show love and care for those in pain and give hope. Patient Solidarity Day brings into focus the need to put the patient at the centre to improve healthcare outcomes. Patient-centred healthcare improves the quality and safety of healthcare services and ultimately improves quality of life.

PAGE is an association of patient advocates across Ghana. The idea of Patient Solidarity Day was mooted by the International Alliance of Patients’ Organization (IAPO) and also recognize by World Health Organization (WHO). As the theme states, healthcare is a human right, which means everyone regardless of their disability, disease, sex, race, nationality should have access to needed healthcare.

The World Health Organization states that every person has the right to the highest attainable standard of health. PAGE is using this occasion to remind all stakeholders in healthcare delivery in Ghana that Healthcare is a right but not a privilege. It should be made available to the vulnerable, minorities, urban and rural dwellers in the society.

PAGE cannot over look the good work of health workers in Ghana. We are using this opportunity to say kudos to you. PAGE reminds health workers that the patient’s involvement is an intricate part of healthcare and needs professionalism at all times. PAGE will like to appeal to National Health Insurance Authority to made payment on time to accredited health facilities to ensure healthcare delivery in the country.

As PAGE join other patient organization around the globe to observed to Patient Solidarity Day, PAGE remind all Ghanaians that Healthcare is a Human Right and wishes them good health in the years to come.


Isaac Ampomah

Chairman, PAGE

+233 243044732