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30.10.2004 Gossips

NPP Ministers Takes a Saloon Car as Bribe

By Palaver
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In a scenario that can best be described as “Cabinet Bribery” and that is bound to become the “Scandal of the Decade” once the NPP loses the elections and investigations are ordered into their underhand dealings, it has come to light that Messrs——whose brand new automobile showroom and offices are located on the Spintex Road, in a bid to break into the Ghanaian market by first getting the NPP Government to mass-purchase their Korean-made “Sailor” saloon cars, dashed as “gratis”, in other words “bribed” virtually every NPP Cabinet Minister with a gift of one brand new “Sailor” saloon car (in some cases two), diplomatically disguised as “Protocol Allocations”, which the Ministers are afraid to use and have either allocated them to their wives or are used by their drivers or have been parked waiting for the inevitable defeat of the NPP when they will then be using them as their second private cars, following which each Minister ordered between 5 and 10 of the “Sailor” saloon cars at costs way above the market prices for those cars, obviously with the cost of the “bribery” cars having been worked into the price, only to realise, as the experts had warned that the “Sailor” cars were weak structurally and have started breaking down in the less than two years after purchase, and that this clear case of mass bribery, extortion, corruption and causing financial loss is known to President Kufuor who is not able to do anything about it because like a person with cotton wool in his anus, he dares not jump over fire, having allegedly received four of the vehicles himself as a personal gift?

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