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02.09.2015 Business & Finance

NCA Commends Vodafone's Voice Quality

By Daily Guide
NCA Commends Vodafone's Voice Quality
LISTEN SEP 2, 2015

Gayheart Mensah, Director, External Affairs, Vodafone

The National Communications Authority (NCA) has placed Vodafone Ghana at the top of the pile in terms of voice quality based on its latest Quality of Service (QoS) test.

The NCA's periodic QoS test takes into account the technological efficiencies of all the telecom operators in the country as measured by a number of parameters.

Gayheart Mensah, Director of External Affairs at Vodafone Ghana, said the latest survey focused on the Central Region for the months of May and June and parameters measured included call set-up time, congestion rate, drop rate, call audio quality and coverage signal strength.

The statement explained that the company was ranked the highest among all the six mobile voice telecom operators in the country in the Mean Opinion Score for speech quality; chalking a figure of 3.8 on a scale of one to five where one equates to 'very bad' and five corresponds to 'excellent.'

The findings are also consistent with an earlier report by independent consulting firm P3 which ranked Vodafone as the best in voice clarity and 3G+ internet speed.

The P3 research measured parameters including call set-up, speech quality, as well as downloads and uploads speed.

Mr Mensah said: 'We welcome the findings from the NCA, which has shown consistency with the recent independent endorsement by P3 that ranked the network best in voice clarity and internet speed.

'The bedrock of any telecommunication company is the quality of its network, and as the terrain continues to be competitive, we need to take our customer commitment to the next level and we will never renege on this.'

The NCA's QoS test is carried out in various localities and the results are often based on a lot of factors, including the perspective of users in that particular region.

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