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20.08.2004 General News

EDITORIAL - Interior Minister Must Resign

By Lens
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We are glad the other media houses have taken interest in the case of Mavis De-Graft Turkson, and we would like to congratulate those media houses, especially Radio Gold 90.5FM and Joy 99.5FM, for taking interest in Mavis' predicament and giving it deserved publicity.

The gladness in our heart stems from our peculiar knowledge of serious behind the scenes moves to kill this matter, using the fact that the supposedly missing rings were returned by Mavis as an excuse to divert attention from the matter of grievous abuse of her rights.

As far as we are concerned, the issue here is the abuse of Mavis' rights and nothing else, that is why we are not discussing such other ancillary issues like searching of Mavis' parents' home around twelve midnight and without a proper search warrant.

We believe that the conduct of the Minister of the Interior in this whole affair has been very unbecoming of a Minister who has political authority over the Police service.

We believe that the Minister must resign because if the Minister had reported the loss of the rings to the Police instead of taking the law into his own hands and asking his bodyguard to perform functions reserved for trained investigators, the bodyguard would not have had the chance to assault the poor girl.

We therefore demand that the Minister resign immediately or be sacked

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