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10.08.2004 General News

JJ Booms: JAK & His Men Should Not Run Away…

JJ Booms:  JAK & His Men Should Not Run Away…
LISTEN AUG 10, 2004

Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings, the former president, has stated that he has a vision that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has already won the December 7, presidential and parliamentary elections.

He made it clear, however, that their December victory is not his, it is for Prof. John Evans Atta Mills. “It is your victory to bring you a high-quality of justice and freedom that Ghanaians have fought for, since independence. These are the great eras”, he stressed.

According to him, there is a perception going on out thee that a gently, peaceful revolution is in the making. Former President Rawlings disclosed that the Good Book, the Bible, tells Ghanaians in Exodus that the police and the military. When this went on in Ghana, according to him, one foreign country told them that what they are doing is not good, so they should let the military and the police do their own serious selection of people with unblemished character.

He acknowledged that the kind of training that our soldiers and police receive, even if you are a miscreant, if they put you through that training, it is very difficult, under the command structure, to go and misbehave.

“So, when the NPP people realised they cannot use soldiers and the police, for “kwasea neama bio,” that is why they decided to form their won party police.” He stressed that President Kufour does not have anything to tell Ghanaians, because he knows that African Heads of State do not respect him.

This is because when he travels outside, instead of talking about the development of each other's country, president Kufuor rather uses the occasion to make Rawlings his subject.

“96 minutes, 12 hours, Kufour tells them I, Rawlings have taken all Ghana money, and sent it into my account in Switzerland.” “but this is a lie!” Rawlings yelled. “He tells them Rawlings wants to kill him. Rawlings has stolen 19 cars, etc…”.

According to Rawlings, because of what President Kufour has been saying about him, whenever African Heads of State meet, they ask one another, what again did the Ghanaians President tell you? “If you watch the situation, it looks as if Kufuor always talks about Rawlings”, he claimed.

“Now, what I am saying is that Kufuor should come and carry my head so that I go to Nsawam”, he continued. “The way he is telling lies and disgracing Ghana, is it nice?” Rawlings asked the supporters.

Former President Rawlings alleged that the passports of President Kufuor and his cronies are ready, and that when the time comes, they will run away.

According to the former president, those who allow themselves to be misused by NPP and will be foolish enough, will not be able to run away; they will be struck here with us”. He observed thus; “They are stealing stat funds for political campaigning, adding

“I have not stolen a penny of the country's money. I denounce it. With my colleagues, we have served this country with integrity, we did not run away.

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