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23.03.2015 Business & Finance

Vodafone offers 'Dumsor' relief to broadband customers

Vodafone offers 'Dumsor' relief to broadband customers
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Vodafone Ghana has announced that the company is extending the validity of its subscription by a week in light of the impact of the ongoing load shedding exercise on its broadband subscribers.

According to a statement, the company is aware that the “24-hour outage schedule and reduced hours of power availability has compounded the situation for the company's fixed network stations across the country.”

Vodafone noted that the majority of its equipment and platforms run on electricity supply from the national grid, with robust backup solutions (generators and batteries) for occasions when power from the grid is unavailable.

“However, there is no network design that can sustain uninterrupted availability in situations where the commercial power outage is as prolonged as it is currently in the country.”

Noting the impact of the load shedding, and to demonstrate Vodafone's understanding of the collective challenge “in these trying times and to mitigate the effect of the current power disruptions on fixed broadband customers,” Vodafone has decided “to offer a one-week validity extension to all fixed broadband users. This offer will increase the validity time of the monthly bundle from 30 to 37 days.”

“Additionally, active fixed broadband customers will receive a free-of-charge monthly mobile broadband data bundle as backup to their fixed broadband connection. These reliefs would be effective from the 2nd of April, 2015 and will be on offer until the power situation is stabilised,” the statement added.

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