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19.03.2015 Feature Article

Breaking My Virginity

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The tears on the face of my mother as she saw me enter what or where had become my new home for the next three months to about three years could not elude me. It was then that I had a striking feeling of the love of my mother for me. I almost could not hold back my tears as well. It was as if it had been initiated by the red rendition that was introduced in the sclera of her eyes. It is only the deep nature of love that could turn that snowy part of the eye into almost scarlet. I was welcomed into Achimota School.

Grey City of the Outlaws Hill. I quickly fell in love with the school, and for a number of pragmatic reasons I have no qualms Motown contributed significantly to my academic, social and professional life. It was here that I gradually saw another phase of my passion for leadership.

Reading Economics, I was introduced to the subject of enquiry into the lives of people. I became concerned about finance and entrepreneurship. It probably came as no surprise to me as I started what is today known as INVENTS (originally acronymic for Investment and Entrepreneurship for Students). We registered Invents in 2007 in Achimota School.

With the consistent support of a number of key people what is still today a club in Achimota School is gradually emerging as one of Africa's leading Foundations set to support the cause of raising young people as leaders and entrepreneurs.

The group kicked of strategically with an event partnership from ENACTUS (then SIFE ) from the University of Ghana, I was enthused to find out that it was a project they were conducting with us. We became more excited when we got to know they won the national competition and their team went further to represent Ghana in the subsequent competitions.

Our other activities brought us into contact with Rev. Patrick Otieku-Boadu who over the years have mentored me in business. His organisation SPEARHEAD Consult saw the need to organise a Personal Development event for us at no cost.

We later met with ENACTUS this time from the Ghana Institute of Journalism as they passionately sought to engage us in a project of theirs. Although we were unable to partake, our encounter with them was enlightening.

Perhaps our main activity was our Investment umbrella. Here were introduced a great number of our mates to the various investment portfolios of Databank. It is always refreshing for my team members and myself to know we played a significant role in helping our mates to not only save, rather investment and build a financially secure future.

INVENTS was the club to be part of, then in Achimota School. As I continued to Legon it was a great relish for us to be fed with members from Invents-Achimota to join Invents-Legon.

The environment in Achimota School was one that challenges excellence and creativity, as such my team were left with no option that to be exceptional and professional in our dealings. We got amazed at the numerous talents and skills that were deployed in our endeavours.

Perhaps the opportunity to write give a report of our activities in the ACHIMOTAN, the official magazine of Achimota School cemented our confidence in the group.

Most of my team members continued to the University of Ghana, and after feasibility study got the group officially registered on campus. Our first event 'Purple Cow Conference' has grown to include a melange of music, poetry and motivational speeches under the name PURPLE EXPERIENCE.

Since then, we have organised a number of major events. One of our events IDEAS PULPIT, today seeks to emphasize on the importance of the blend of Christian faith and business or rather provide a platform for Christian entrepreneurs and leaders to share ideas and network.

On campus, we saw a new phase of Invents altogether. Here the group name migrated from being acronymic to its acronym name INVENTS. Our focus has been 'To raise young people as leaders and entrepreneurs of Godly influence before they turn 25'.

We have over the years organised a number of workshops and projects aside Purple Experience and Ideas Pulpit. One of our divisions organises what we call the 'Teen leadership Outreach' (TLO). Through this outlet we reach out to students in Basic and Senior High schools and organise free personal development sessions for them. We make donation of items to the students, most of which include learning materials. We hope to extend TLO to impact communities, orphanages, borstal homes and health centres.

Currently as I write this INVENTS has been embarking on a 3-month project that is focused on raising ladies as leaders and entrepreneurs before they turn 25. This we call the SHE MAGNATE PROJECT. The project has been impactful in Accra and Kumasi and it is to be climaxed with a conference where the ladies would share with participants what they have been learning during the three month project.

After graduating from the University of Ghana, I released the paper back edition of what has become my fourth book, a leadership devotional starterpack I titled '31 Days of Inspiration'. My other books include 'why not think I Can?', 'IT IS UP TO YOU' and 'My First Lessons in Leadership'.

I am unable to tell how my love for patterns and colours developed, but then I am proud to have started what is gradually growing to be a leading fashion house; Wear Purple. Our clients have included students, Pastors, Musicians, Conference hosts, Motivational Speakers, Corporate Executives among others. It is always fulfilling each time our clients send us pictures of themselves impacting their sphere of contact in their Wear Purple Casual, Church, Classic or Corporate Wear. I am happy to know that our clients are also committed to influencing change in society.

Currently my new baby is called 'Purple Magnate'. This company is into Consulting, Event Management and Publishing. The platform on which we have taken off convinces us of the success of this endeavour.

I am particular grateful to all the many people who have worked tirelessly behind the clock to translate our vision into a reality. For INVENTS, Wear Purple and Purple Magnate.

This is what the LORD says to the people of Judah and to Jerusalem: "Break up your unplowed ground and do not sow among thorns.- Jeremiah 4:3

In Jeremiah 4:3, the people of Judah were admonished by the Lord to break up their fallow ground. A fallow ground here may means a lot of things among which include the challenge for you to lift your game, chart new territories, stretch yourself and or to keep on discovering yourself.

There is greatness in you. You carry in you, pearls, jaspers, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. There is great potential in you. I challenge you today to wake up unto your dreams, wake from being a one book author, wake from being a one album musician, wake from being a onetime film editor. Come on wake up!

“...Fun into flames the gift of God which is in you...”- 2 Timothy 1:6

“Scientists do not manufacture knowledge; they discover. This means the thing was there but it was covered so discovery will lead you to faith and devotion in God.”- Dr. Mensah Otabil

“Small things are precursors of big things yet to come”- Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh

In 2001, Alfred Gough and Miles Miller launched their television series 'Small Ville', an adaptation of the rather famous fiction character, Superman. Well known as Clark Kent from the original inception of the character as Superman, created in 1938, the Kryptonian specie exhibited abilities of Invulnerability (to a remarkable degree), Superhuman strength, Speed, Heat vision, X-ray, Flight among others.

In Small Ville one critical observation is how each of the ten seasons unfolds with Clark discovering and adjusting to at least one of his rather super human abilities, which included his discovery of his X-ray ability in season one, climaxed with his ability to fly in the tenth season. The series revealed how uneasy it was for Clark, adjusting to his abilities, but it was coupled with fun as he mastered the skill.

Like Clark, you are gifted with amazing abilities that await the disposition of your consistent search and discovery. You have so many talents, gifting and abilities laden in you, your deliberate attempt to discover these gifting will be your flight moment. Permit me to suggest to you to be in a daily practice of sharpening your abilities and talents. Each day battle with the person you were yesterday. Indeed your best tendencies are not opposed by bad habits, rather good ones. You have in you, amazing abilities that are at the mercy of your consistent search. If you would commit yourself to excellence, if you would stretch yourself one notch higher, you will identify your rather superhuman abilities.

I am particular grateful to all the many people who have worked tirelessly behind the clock to translate our vision into a reality.

One of the firm commitments you can make is to break up your fallow ground. This is my personal commitment. There is more to you than you may know. As you keep searching, you would find out that you are a store house of amazing possibilities. Let me challenge you to live your dreams, do not permit anyone to deceive you that you are too young, or your idea will not survive, I share my open testimony to the world because I believe in you. You can make it great.

You are indeed outstanding.

Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh
Inspirational Preacher, Market Place Evangelist, Corporate Master of Ceremonies, Author and Events Executive
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Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh
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