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29.12.2014 Feature Article

End Hatred For The White-Man In Your Development

End Hatred For The White-Man In Your Development
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Until we attain the level of perfection, if that is even possible, let us learn to accommodate others shortcomings. On this note I advise my Black Brothers and Sisters in the USA in particular to play down on their spite for the White Brothers and Sisters. "To err is human", and "It is the one who fetches water that breaks the water-pot" as an Akan proverb translates; these are worthwhile Whit e and Black proverbs for this discourse, at least for those ready to listen now.

Even as this discussion will not be on a technical level because you may even know better, I am sure some reminders would help the pursuance of the better strategy for our mutual tolerance for development. The premise is that our development is not as dependent on the Whiteman as it is on ourselves; and secondly the Whiteman is not more an enemy as they are rivals . Therefore it is time to leave them out of your developmental equation; after all quality development is a personal thing that cannot be forced, and if Blacks are not ready to develop themselves because they chose to see themselves as inferior, the Whiteman should not be blamed for that.

As for the rejection of racial integration, much as it hurts, it is not different from how anybody will react if as a high official in an establishment they were made to share their office with their cleaners as a new company policy! The only sad part of this racial integration is that it is a long time (some one-and-a-half centuries and some five generations) since this "company policy" was introduced; those who have not been able to adjust yet are unfortunately telling the world that they are slow learners.

Let us begin 2015 by focusing on the fact that Blacks have been part of The USA and other European countries, so have equal stake as the Whitemen and more stake in them than their pets. Another reality in this enemy issue is that as slaves, the Whiteman actually once considered Blacks lower than enemies; Blacks were more or less, tools for business, while your real enemy were your own African ancestors who sold their compatriots cheaply into slavery. It is noteworthy that the alternative to this slavery would have been death through unending tribal and clan wars to claim lands, something which sadly goes on even today!

A couple of years ago a Northern-Ghana tribal king was killed and beheaded in his own palace by a rival gate of the same clan! Would death be the choice of the majority of Blacks? Maybe some will choose death over slavery; however your ancestors who arrived in America as slaves chose otherwise, and by that choice we are talking today because their generation continued.

Even today in 2014, hundreds of Africans continue to take perilous sea trips in order to reach the USA and other European countries even if to slave for a living! Will you still blame the American and European for the woes of the Black African and see them as enemies more than competitors? Maybe before you answer in the affirmative, note that it is by same troublesome and aggressive nature of the Whiteman that various discoveries, inventions and manufacturing happen, including conversing among ourselves anywhere thousands of miles apart through personal computing, the internet, social media etc. Black Africans on the other hand have largely been complacent in remaining at the receiving end as consumers and critics. Those who choose differently however have in some cases surpassed the Whiteman and deservedly made their mark. Could we start emulating these forward-looking Blacks.

Considering the above Akan proverb in particular which originally is "Nea ckc nsuo no na cbc ahina", let Blacks grant the Whites their omissions and commissions as we persist in fashioning out better integration policies. The helpful attitude henceforth will be to keep the segregation down by not drawing too much attention to it but rather act more as Americans, or a Europeans etc and tackle issues more than the person. Discrimination or differences exist in all situations in life, but it takes the clever or matured to either ignore or properly utilize them.

Kwabena Ofori-Panin
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