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General News | Jul 2, 2004

What If It Was Asantehene?


Mr. Yaw Opoku, an Accra-based lawyer has lashed out at what he calls as incompetence of government in the handling of the Dagbon crisis. He said it is a shame that two years after the gruesome murders in Yendi, the security forces have failed to arrest and prosecute even one of the perpetrators.

“This is a big shame, he said. Mr. Opoku was making his remarks as chairperson at a pubic discussion on the programmes and platforms of the political parties, organised by the socialist forum. Mr. Opoku asked: what if it had been the Asantehene? Would the government have handled the crisis in the same incompetent manner? I am quite sure that if it had been the Asantehene, all the resources of the state would have been spent on finding the killers and bringing them to book.

“This question must be asked. I don't care, you can quote me anywhere, he said. Mr. Yaw Opoku said politics ought to be about how to provide food, shelter, health and education to the people. He urged progressive forces to focus on these essential issues and make sure that they reflect in all the discussions of the parties. The Insight