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14.06.2004 General News

Wayo Condemns PNC Policies

By Chronicle
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IT WAS on a bright, lovely Thursday morning, when the People's National Convention (PNC) was strangely described as an "unpatriotic and un-national" political party by its own official member and recent aspiring flag bearer.

The PNC was totally condemned, including its activists and executive members for leading "indisciplined and inefficient" lives and also for using "unconstitutional policies," which could not even solve the problems within the party.

The Former Presidential Candidate of the People's National Convention (PNC), Mr. Charles Kofi Wayo (Nima Boy), has cautioned that, "If the PNC wants Ghanaians to take them serious and accept it as national party, then they must change their policies and ways of doing things before they could address the problems of the nation."

Mr. Wayo accused the PNC of fighting for only Northerners instead of the whole country. This, he said, made the party an unpatriotic one.

He noted that, he had been working very seriously with Dr. Edward Mahama to 'fire' some of the PNC MPs and aspirants, especially the Deputy Minister of Health, Mr. Moses Danny Baah, Executive Secretary of the PNC, Mr. Gabriel Pwoamah and others, whom he said were the bad seeds in the party.

"There have been over a thousand intra-party fights in the PNC which have not even been solved; how much more the problems of the whole nation?" he asked.

Mr. Kofi Wayo made these statements in a telephone interview with the Sunyani - based SKY FM's Super Morning Show Host; Eric Owusu-Siaw (Easy E) in Sunyani, on his next decision after he had lost the congress to Dr. Mahama and his reaction to the alleged ¢400 million spent on the PNC congress.

He said he would still be a member of the party and do what he could to support the flag bearer of the PNC, Dr. Edward Mahama, win the 2004 elections.

According to Wayo, the PNC had had nothing in its coffers for the congress, and based on that, he had spent ¢400 million to convey the members to make the congress successful.

The Nima Boy verbally attacked the PNC Executive Secretary, Mr. Pwoamah who had earlier challenged the assertion that he had spent ¢400 million on the congress.

He said he had clashed on so many occasions with the secretary because of his 'inefficiency' at work and whenever he tried to put him in order, it generated into tension, adding: "We shall get rid of all these people very soon."

When asked by Owusu-Siaw why he lost the election, Mr. Wayo announced that, "there was much indiscipline, inefficiency and complacency among the executives of the PNC, and because I wanted to put them on track to ensure discipline, they all stood against me."

He accused the "so-called old existing members" who, he said, should have known better to put the party on the go, than relax at the party's office, watching television and playing drafts, among others.

Mr. Wayo, who has never left the name of the NPP behind in his speeches, condemned also the way the national economy policies were being controlled by the IMF and the World Bank.

He condemned as well the statement of the NPP that the country had four months' reserve, whilst the people were starving and could not even afford school fees, water bills, electricity, etc.

According to the Nima Boy, the NPP government had assumed that the people were uneducated and therefore, had thrown dust into the eyes of Ghanaians.

He added however that, "the people might be illiterates, but not stupid." He alleged that the government had, with the nation's coffers, bought 300 to 400 pick-ups for the December 2004 general elections.

Mr. Wayo expressed the belief that the people of Ghana could become financially viable if only the Ministers learnt to serve the nation and the people than their own selfish interests.

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