09.06.2004 Football News

Starlets Camp Under Siege

09.06.2004 LISTEN
By SoccerExpress

Handlers of the national Under 17 soccer team, the Black Starlets are reeling under intense pressure from all manner of scouts, guardians, parents as well as football agents seeking places in the team for their wards and players.

The lobbying for places, now almost a daily affair, has so overwhelmed the handlers that head coach David Duncan yesterday instituted measures to stem the heckling, and as he put it, "enable the technical team build a strong team."

He told the Soccer Express yesterday that henceforth, his team would not entertain any advances from any quarters seeking to foist any player on the Starlets. Duncan said even though major exercises to recruit the best of talents into the Starlets have been completed, there could be other equally good potentials yet to be spotted and as such would keep the doors to the Starlets camp open to accommodate them.

However, he said the only way such players would be observed for consideration would be by a standard procedure where videotapes of those players featuring in competitive matches would be forwarded to the Starlets camp and lodged with Mr. Richard Asare, the Welfare Officer.

The tape must be accompanied by a sticker indicating the player's name and date of birth as well as a contact number or address to facilitate communication should technical hands recommend the player's recruitment or find need to get in touch with him.

The coach advised that anyone who flouts this simple procedure and leads any player into the Starlets camp without any invitation whatsoever, risks being embarrassed since "the player would be sent packing home with the next available means of transport and without hesitation."

He said the team would begin camping on June 15, and appealed to all who feel strongly that a player yet to be invited or spotted deserves a place in the team to avoid physically leading the players to the handlers but rather submit the tape recording to the Welfare Officer for immediate attention.

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