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08.06.2004 Politics

I’ll Use 19 Months To Solve 70% Of Ghana's Woes

By Chronicle
I’ll Use 19 Months To Solve 70% Of Ghana's Woes
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The prime objectives and the heart desires of all average Ghanaians to overcome the long existing socio-economic hardships among others apparently have met many assurances and promises from almost all the governments and even aspiring presidential candidates over the years. However, an official member and former presidential candidate of the People's National Convention (PNC), Mr. Charles Kofi Wayo, has promised that the he and the PNC would use 19 months to solve at least 70% of Ghana's socio-economic woes if voted to power, come December 2004. Mr. Wayo, who blamed the nation's sufferings on the NPP government, stated, "Though there were woes in the PNDC-NDC era, the 'elephant party,' which pledged positive change, has totally worsened the situation." He alleged that, the NPP had nothing in its coffers before coming to power, but they are using better cars and houses among others even more than the NDCs.
He said that, the NPP was at the receiving end (begging for rich people to join and invest in the party) that was why they came to him to join them.
"The NPPs positive change could never stand the PNCs worse negative change," he said.
Mr. Wayo made these observations over the weekend at the weeklong celebration of the Northern Students Union (NSU), Sunyani Polytechnic branch, Sunyani, in the Brong Ahafo Region.
According to him, President Kufuor and his Ministers have turned the presidency into a family affair and have sidelined between tribes, adding "it is high time we the Northerners ruled the nation to make change in the lives of the people."
He noted that, the Northerners would forever remain watchmen and do other filthy jobs, if they failed to vote the PNC to power in the forthcoming general elections. Mr. Wayo who made over thousands of promises to the polytechnic students, also promised to turn all tertiary diploma certificates into a degree, including HND and DBS, when voted to power. He said all the tertiary institutions would be attached to some renown industries, both local and international, for easy and accessible job placement for the students. In reaction to Mr. Wayo's accusations and observations in an interview with The Chronicle, the NPP National Youth Secretary, Mr. Isaac Asiamah, described Wayo's statement and his calibre as "childish talks and a political joker" respectively. The Secretary noted that, because the NPP did not allow him to satisfy his selfish interest and to enjoy the state resource that is why Mr. Wayo has been attacking and insulting the NPP on so many occasions. He said, "The NPP never invited him, but he rather saw the need to join the party and when he realised that he was nobody to mingle with those at the frontline, quitted the party. "It is only PNC who will sell their party too cheap to Kofi Wayo, because a man like this will never get any position in NPP whilst competent and dedicated men and women who are ready to die for the party are there," he said. He urged the PNC that, if indeed they want the "political joker" to take over the frontline of the party, then they ought to groom him in politics to avoid unnecessary pronouncements and to also suit the political standard of the nation.
According to Mr. Asiamah, "it would be very sad for dear Ghanaians to wake up the next morning to hear that Wayo has been entitled 'His Excellency the President of the Republic of Ghana, Charles Kofi Wayo." He noted that, an individual person could never solve the country's socio-economic hardships, but a collaborative effort of all Ghanaians especially the opposition parties.

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