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30.05.2004 General News

Change Government for accelerated growth - CPP

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Accra, May 30, GNA - The Convention People's Party (CPP) on Saturday declared Elections 2004 as a moment of "Change of Government for accelerated growth and development."

Dr Edmund Delle, CPP Chairman and National Leader said the country cried for change of government through "Positive Change" in 2000, but unfortunately, the change only transformed the fortune of privileged few to the detriment of the majority.

"Now we need a change of government for accelerated growth and development," he declared.

Dr Delle said the CPP was ready to accept the people's mandate to offer better alternatives in the administration of the country and called on the electorate to vote massively for the party for growth and development.

"A vote for Mr George Opesika Aggudey (the CPP party's flagbearer) in the December Elections as the next president will make us realise the change of government for accelerated growth and development we all have been yearning for all these years," the party chairman reiterated. He said retention of the NPP would be a reward for mediocrity and urged Ghanaians to vote for a brighter future by giving their mandate to the CPP on December 7.

"Ghanaians must not be afraid of another change in government because the CPP has the men, strategies and the goodwill on the international scene to bring about a veritable change for accelerated growth and development in the country."

He said a CPP administration would come with a commitment to continuing development for Ghana and its people. "There will be a new approach to governance to ensure greater confidence in government and the entire public system."

Dr Delle said the CPP was prepared to face the existing challenges while making the necessary changes to ensure that peace, stability growth and development were attained.

Answering questions from newsmen, Dr Delle expressed belief that the foundation for true advancement for Ghana and her people lies in ensuring that the transition to a new administration and leadership is based on a commitment to building on the pillars of peace, stability, humane policies, equality before the law and strict adherence to the tenets of good governance.

He said the CPP had the record of accomplishment to prove that "we have laid firm foundations and have the determination to continue to deliver using foresight and an innovative approach to transform the fortune of Ghanaians."

Dr Delle said CPP has the right calibre of people who could save the country from its present predicament. "The life-style of NPP members in government is an indication that they do not care about the plight of the people."

He said late President Kwame Nkrumah fought for political freedom for the nation and the presidency of Mr Aggudey would ensure economic salvation for Ghanaians.

He therefore called on the electorate to vote massively for Mr Aggudey and CPP parliamentary candidates to enable them form part of the next Government in 2005 to implement sound policies to ensure progress. Dr Delle urged the public, including CPP activists and the Media to discard the campaign of intimidation and tribal sentiments being whipped up by opponents of the party, and come out openly to support and campaign for the party for victory in December.

He said in spite of the CPP's absence from power since 1981, it could manage the affairs of the country better when given the mandate because "it has men of proven competence who can turn around the fortunes of this nation".

He alleged that in spite of its loud claims, the NPP has presided over "the most battered and hopeless economy" in the recent history of the country, notwithstanding the huge amount of donor support through the HIPC initiative given to it.

"The high cost of living and inflation, the continued depreciation of the cedi and the unaffordability of social services such as health and Education, are all indications of the abysmal failure."

Dr Delle blamed the recent rumpus within the CPP on "reactionary forces intending to divert the party's attention and resources from focusing on strategies for winning the 2004 General Election, using internal antagonism as a weapon.

He said such developments and provocations were good omen for the party "as it has united members to fight and defeat opposing forces both within and outside to enable the party to go the Castle in January 2005."

Dr Delle, however, appealed to CPP members, sympathisers and activists throughout the country not to be perturbed, but remain focused and concentrate on the ultimate goal of winning the 2004 General Election.

He gave the assurance that the CPP hierarchy was made up of tested men, "problem solvers who would help CPP to surmount the hiccup". "What is important is for all members - from the National Executive through the regions, constituencies and the ward levels - to focus on the common agenda of the CPP of liberating Ghana from economic enslavement once again."

He cautioned members not to create internal infractions that could affect CPP's strategies, saying "the masses would not forgive the CPP if we failed to provide a humane leadership to once again liberate Ghana and to propel the nation forward.

Dr Delle advised CPP members to use party structures to resolve any difference, adding, "CPP is a big family and as such family matters must be solve within and we should not run to the outside world first, let us use internal mechanism for conflict resolution.

"We must now together take hold of the challenges that face our country and resolve to solve them in a spirit of unity, of reconciliation, of compassion and understanding. We must move forward as one nation, one people and one destiny," he urged.