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13.05.2004 General News

US sanction against Cuba aims at destroying revolution

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Accra, May 13, GNA- The United States Government has made available 59 million dollars for the next two years, to pay for actions aimed at

destroying the Cuban Revolution. The amount would be used for creating an international fund to develop civil society in Cuba, which would engage "volunteers" from third countries to travel to Cuba and provide assistance to the mercenaries working for the United States in Cuba.

In practice, this means organising a messenger corps to supply financial and logistic support to the counter-revolutionaries. Professor Lucas Domingo Hernandez Polledo, Cuban Ambassador in Ghana said this in response to political and economic measures and sanctions the Bush Administration was taking against Cuba and Cubans resident in the United States, at his residence in Accra on Tuesday.

In attendance were Friends of Cuba, Ghanaian and Cuban journalists, former Ghana's Ambassador to Cuba, Mr. Kojo Amoo-Gottfried, Member of Parliament for Ho Central, Mr Kofi Attor and Staff of the Embassy.

Prof. Polledo declared "no report could contain more lies, bitterness, frustration and interference in the internal affairs of another country than are contained in the six chapters than 450 pages of the so-called Report of the Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba". He explained that among the strategic measures for achieving the overthrow of the Cuban Government which the document listed included, increasing support to internal counter-revolutionary elements, stepping up international campaigns against Cuba, intensifying subversive and misinformation activities against Cuba and adopting new measures to affect the Cuban economy.

Prof. Polledo said the United States intends to reduce from 164 dollars to 50 dollars per day, the amount that Cubans living in the US can spend to cover expenses when visiting Cuba and also establishing a Transition Co-ordinator for Cuba at the State Department, which would be in-charge of checking if all these measures were being applied.

The Ambassador said the US was using every possible means to increase the difficult conditions which the criminal US blockade already had on Cuba, adding "it is a flagrant violation of the human rights of eleven million Cubans, whom they were trying to bring to their knees through hunger and disease, simply for the crime of wanting to be free and independent".

He said the assignment of tens of millions of dollars to promote mercenary activity in Cuba, the violation of International Law to carry subversive broadcasts against another country, all constitute unprecedented acts of provocation which destroy the norms and principles of International Law.

Prof. Polledo who described the harsh and brutal measures adopted by the United States against Cuba, was directly aimed at "suffocating Cuba's development and reducing to a minimum, the hard currency resources which were indispensable to meet their people's needs.

He said "the main task is to continue improving the tactics, the techniques, the methods and the principles of the people's war, and to continue raising the revolutionary, patriotic and socialist conscience of our invincible people".

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