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21.08.2013 General News

REJOINDER: 'Investor To Construct 2000 Mw Plant In Ketu: Chiefs Ready To Release Land'

By Ghanaian Chronicle
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Our attention has been drawn to a publication in your esteemed paper on Tuesday April 9, 2013, on page two (2), on the above caption and wish to correct the erroneous impressions the article seem to portray:

The self-acclaimed Torgbui Wesigbe II, who allegedly led the delegations of chiefs and elders to Dzodze, abdicated about thirteen (13) years ago (in 2000), when he decided to stand as a Parliamentary Candidate on the Convention People Party (CPP) ticket in  Ketu North constituency.

His abdication was in line with the REPUBLIC OF GHANA 1992 CONSTITUTION- ARTICLE 276 clause one (1), which states - 'A chief shall not take part in active party politics, and anyone wishing to do so and seeking election to Parliament shall abdicate his stool or skin.'

His records in participating in the 2000 elections could be confirmed by the Electoral commission.

There is no STOOL LAND on any ANLO LAND, stretching from Anyanui through Anloga to our area - WETA, ADZOATSI, EHI, TORGBEVE and beyond, which any chief and his elders could publicly say they had ceded to an individual/government for a project.

We have individual family lands in our area which we inherited from our ancestors. When the Wesgbe Royal Family got hint of the project, we humbly approached the self-acclaimed chief for his version. He has been denying it and has all along on several occasions intimidated us with threats of war.

No Royal elders accompanied him to where they purportedly formalized the ceding of the LAND transactions because the elders would not agree to it.

The Allodial land owners' consent was not sought, but rather they used tricks by approaching the LICENCEES. The self-acclaimed Torgbui, stated that 'Land is a very scarce commodity in this part of Ghana and, therefore, the area has a very complex LAND TENURE SYSTEM'

The self-acclaimed Torgbui, his colleagues and his cohorts – the AGENTS are adopting various tactics to convince the land owners who are mostly illiterates to take our land for their selfish gains.

Torgbui Nattah, one of the accomplice chiefs at Dzodze is a descendant of one NATTAH, who committed a serious crime at his hometown, Ave-Alagbe, now in the Republic of Togo and escaped to seek asylum with the WESIGBE ROYAL FAMILY of WETA.

The Asylum seeker was not a chief at his hometown, neither at Weta. Then how come his descendants could be a chief. Therefore, Nattah couldn't purport to be DUFIA OF ADZOATSI, as in the publication.

ADZOATSI is a HISTORICAL settlement of TORGBUI WESIGBE ROYAL FAMILY of WETAS and the title DUFIA has been reserved for the WESIGBE ROYAL FAMILY.

The title – 'Dufia of Ehi and Dufia of Adzoatsi accorded themselves in the publication respectively, are deceptive and misleading in the whole world. The MacBaron Group and the Finite Earth Consult- AGBLEZES - from Anloga are using the illiteracy and ignorance of the inhabitants to deprive us of our Bonafide Immovable Property - LAND - inherited from our fore fathers.

Mr. Godwin Kofi Agbleze and Mr. Major Agbleze, who represent the companies respectively, hail from Anloga, the seat of ANLO AWOAME ZI. If it is an established fact that there is no STOOL LAND in the ANLO TRADITIONAL AREA, why then did they contact some chiefs to cede land to them. The whole transaction is null and void with no legal effect.

The AGBLEZES, who are purporting to be the AGENT,  brought a CONTRACT OF AGENCY AGREEMENT prepared by them alone  (without the PRINCIPAL- LAND OWNERS representatives / legal advisors or counsel), for them to sign so as to implicate them in case of any legal matters arising thereafter.

We are of the opinion that the entire transactions are shrouded in secrecy to deprive us of the GIFT OF LAND the ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH had given to our forefathers who passed it to us the present generations and the generations yet unborn.

The self-acclaimed chief, his colleagues and the Agents' actions and inactions are tantamount to beating war drums, and if steps are not taken to restraint them from carrying out their diabolical actions, the situation will result in serious crisis.

We could not become strangers stranded in our own hometown / homeland because of their DECEPTIVE TONGUES - THE CONTRACT AGREEMENT.

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Gbota Kpedza        ______________
Mensah Agbodza  ______________
Kofi Misekpor        ______________
Mawuli Adukpo    ______________
Joseph Adukpo     ______________
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