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7 March 2013 | General News

Chris Brown Grabs Ganja Stadium

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FEEL FREE! RnB singer Chris Brown grabbing a joint of weed at the Accra Sports Stadium
FEEL FREE! RnB singer Chris Brown grabbing a joint of weed at the Accra Sports Stadium

The 'Chris Brown Live in Ghana' concert took a wild twist in the early hours of Wednesday when the headline artiste, Chris Brown, smoked marijuana during his performance and called on his audience at the Accra Sports Stadium to do same.

The laws of Ghana criminalize the possession or usage of Indian hemp popularly called wee or ganja; and for an American R'n'B singer to boldly smoke the narcotic substance in public and ask his live audience to do same in the presence of law enforcement personnel, raises a controversy that would certainly remain on the showbiz scene for some time.

Barely an hour into his awesome performance, Chris Brown paused and then asked the charged audience: “How many of y'all smoke weed?”

The question drew a loud response from the crowd, with some pushing clenched fists skywards and yelling to affirm they were wee smokers.

The positive response seemed to have boosted Chris Brown's confidence, as he pulled out a neatly packaged roll of marijuana, lit it up, took a long drag and puffed thick clouds of smoke through his nostrils.

The sight of Chris Brown smoking marijuana on stage during a live music concert sent the crowd into a frenzy, but the American singer had more acts up his sleeves as he added: “If anybody tripping on ya'll smoking weed, f**k them!”

As if on a long-awaited cue, several persons at the stadium, especially the crowd around the 'popular stand', grabbed their own weed and went into an unrestrained smoking spree.

The never-to-be-forgotten music concert was exclusively sponsored by rlg as part of activities to inaugurate the company's Hope City project.

It was a concert also aimed at adding an entertainment touch to the celebration of Ghana's 56th Independence Anniversary.

The 'Chris Brown Live in Ghana' show would go down in history as one of the most successfully organized musical concerts in the country.

Aside the impressive attendance, the performances were outstanding and the stage lighting and sound quality were par excellence.

Pundits expressed skepticism when news initially broke that rlg Communications would bring Chris Brown to Ghana on the eve of the 56th Independence Anniversary.

Until Chris Brown touched down in Ghana just a few hours before his performance, some news reporters continued to speculate that he would not honor the invite, although his crew had arrived in the country some three days earlier.

Chris Brown has a huge following in Ghana and stories of his rocky love relationship with Barbadian superstar Robyn Rihanna Fenty is being closely followed by Ghanaians.

Chris Brown turns 24 this year. He is a recording artiste, a dancer and an actor with several award winning songs of international fame.

There were speculations that he was paid $1million to perform in Ghana.

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