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Ablakwa: NPP doomed for defeat

-Because AkufoAddo hardly listens to wise counsel
9 July 2012 | NPP News

A Deputy Minister for Information says whether Presidential Candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akufo-Addo recants his infamous “all-die-be-die” call to arms or continues to give in-depth explanations to the mantra, the NPP is still doomed for defeat in the upcoming December General Elections.

According to OkudzetoAblakwa, unlike President Mills' glaring achievements, the only thing that the NPP leader can tout is his “all-die-be-die” mantra and expressed surprise that Nana Addo continues to justify the infamous war chant in spite of the fact that it can plunge the nation into a state of anarchy.

Speaking to Asempa FM in an interview, the deputy minister, who opined that this year's election would be about character and the candidate who can best stabilize the country's peace, described the NPP flagbearer as a person who has closed his ears to good counsel and even has the temerity to sneer at admonishment from the clergy and civil society by repeatedly harping on his call to arms speech.

The NPP presidential candidate, in an address to the Regional Council of Churches in Wa last week, to climax his campaign tour of the Upper West Region, reiterated his commitment to peace and wondered why the President, Prof. J.E.A Mills has neither condemned nor expressed regret over all the incidences of violence that have been perpetrated by NDC activists against the NPP in Chereponi, Akwatia and Atiwa.

He told the clergy that such silence from the President only emboldens the perpetrators of these acts to continue to perpetuate their anti-social acts.


Touching on what he meant by the “all-die-be-die” remark, Nana Addo explained that he was only drawing attention to the brazen acts of violence that were being carried out by the NDC against NPP supporters. He added that if nothing was done about these acts of violence, the NPP will be compelled to defend themselves and the democracy that Ghana has chosen to embark upon.

"All die be die is not a statement of aggression," he emphasize

But the Deputy Information Minister argues the NPP leader was simply defending the indefensible and censured him for not expressing remorse over his actions.

To him, Nana Addo's attempt to draw in post facto rationalization has already dented his image and caused him the electoral humiliation he is bound to experience in December.

“What is more shocking is the place where he made the comment. It is unbelievable that he could stand in the church to re-echo, reiterate…to stand by that infamous slogan. We all know the context in which he made those comments at Atiwa. He spoke to portray that they were the victors, but now goes round trying to make justifications that it is a cry and call to self-defense,” Ablakwa said.

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