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4 July 2012 | Politics

And Teye Nyaunu preached the word on Joy FM

Lower Manya Krobo MP Teye Nyaunu
Lower Manya Krobo MP Teye Nyaunu

The usually controversial, tough-talking, plain speaking Member of Parliament for Lower Manya Krobo, probably under the spirit, preached the gospel of politics, truth, hard work, honesty and fair-mindedness when he appeared in the Joy FM studios Wednesday.

Mr Michael Teye Nyaunu believes young people in, or wanting to enter, politics must let truth and integrity undergird their ambition and all their actions.

They must recognize that the office they occupy is for them to do good to others - and not to further their selfish interest – for doing good begets more blessings, told Joy FM's Super Morning Show host Kojo Oppong-Nkrumah.

Christened MTN, the Lower Manya Krobo MP said young people must know that “the future is not just there for the taking; you work towards attaining the future and you must know that you will not be young always.”

“The decisions and the choices you make in life,” he said, “you will live with the consequences for the rest of your life so when you are making decisions and choices, you have to be very careful.”

Mr Teye Nyaunu, who lost his party's parliamentary primaries and says he will contest the Lower Manya Krobo seat this December as an independent candidate – to the chagrin of his NDC party – did not end there; he added that young people wishing to join politics must “try to have your foundations very right; try to get well educated, get well informed, read a lot of materials and when you get into politics, endeavour to speak your mind; speak the truth as you see it; don't allow yourself to be influenced so much, for you are a unique character…just don't try to be like somebody, try to be yourself and I believe God will help you.”

Asked why he had consistently said things that riled his party folk so much, the Deputy Speaker of the ECOWAS Parliament said it was in his nature to speak his mind and that he was not used to pandering to others.

Reminded about the government's touted achievement as illustrated in the so-called Green Book, he said, government spin-doctors could not be relied on for an accurate representation of the performance of the government.

He said NDC came into office on the back of a lot of goodwill and expectation but regretted the performance of the Mills administration had not kept up with the expectations.

The MP rejected suggestions it was impracticable to achieve all elections campaign promises, contending that those who make promises on their own free will must not be tolerated when they start giving excuses after the electorate, acting on the faith of, and in reliance on, those promises have given them power.

“In the first place, who made you to make those promises? What factors did you take into consideration before making the promises? Where were you looking? How do you think you can implement or deliver on those promises,”? he asked.

Having made a flurry of promises, he said, if for any reason the government is unable to fulfill its promises, it should be candid with, and truthful to, the people and explain to them the reasons why it is unable to fulfill the promises.

He is of the view that the governing NDC has not vigorously fought the canker of corruption, citing the now boring GH¢51 million Woyome judgment debt scandal.

Story by Ghana l Malik Abass Daabu/

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