04.06.2012 Feature Article

Ghana radio stations adopt global broadcast platform

Ghana radio stations adopt global broadcast platform
04.06.2012 LISTEN

16 radio stations in Ghana have subscribed to a teleconferencing facility that provides them a global reach with respect to their live on-air programmes. This is considered as an additional streaming option for the radio stations.

The product, Forum Radio Listen-In was introduced in March, 2012 by Forum Networks, operator of the single largest teleconferencing bridge in West Africa.

Radio stations could now maintain their loyal audience as well as extend their coverage globally by employing an in-house technology called ""GSMCasT". All mobile subscribers in and out of Ghana could now listen to radio station of their choice irrespective of wherever they may be by just dialing an assigned number.

Out of the 16 radio stations 11 of them are in Accra whiles five are from Takoradi. In the meantime, additional four radio stations in Accra are on a standby to finalise arrangement for full broadcast service via the teleconference platform.

Underneath is a list of some of the radio stations.

• Oman FM 0242427015
• Okay FM 0242427101
• Prime FM 0242427111
• Pravda Radio 0242427019
• Sena Radio 0242427104
• Topp Radio 0242427103
• Peace FM 0242427011
• Radio Gold 0242427019
• Happy FM 0242427989
• Citi FM 0242427973
• Paragon FM 0242427999
• Goodnews Radio 0242427963
• Radio Maxx 024242710
Frank Agyemang
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