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Mayor Of Accra, Alfred Vanderpuije, Honoured

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Mayor Of Accra, Alfred Vanderpuije, Honoured

The hard work the Mayor of Accra, Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije, has put in so far to turn Accra into a model city has gained international recognition, resulting in his being honoured by Benedict College, a University in the United States of America.

At the university's 142nd Convocation held last Saturday, the Mayor was awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctors of Human Letters. The citation accompanying the award read;

“As Mayor of the Capital City of Accra, Ghana, you have made numerous contributions in the areas of education, social services, and international relations. Your reform efforts in Ghana are designed to improve the overall quality of life including the educational, technological, and environmental conditions in Accra and throughout Ghana.

Your role as a provider of quality education for students extends from the shores of Africa to America. Some of your meritorious educational services include the following: ending the Shift System of education, thereby enabling students to receive eight hours of instruction per day, instituting the Millennium Cities Schools' building project, recruiting and training African teachers for placement in schools in the United States, and conducting the first ever nationwide Teachers Conference in Ghana that attracted over 5,000 teachers.

Your additional accomplishments include serving as Coordinator of the Richland School District One Student Exchange program to Africa as well as coordinating district exchange activities to Africa for students, teachers, and school board members, and serving on a committee of experts from Ghana and Columbia, South Carolina to revise the curriculum in secondary schools in South Carolina.

You have played an instrumental role in facilitating the development of several successful Benedict College Office of International Programs initiatives to include the Short Projects Abroad to Ghana Fulbright Grant—the first ever Fulbright grant received by the College, developing a summer program at Benedict College for students at W.A. Perry Middle School, and coordinating the participation of eleven members of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly in the 2009 South Carolina/Benedict College Legislators Exchange program and facilitating the involvement of twelve additional Ghanian legislators in the 2012 program. Your support has also been steadfast for the Benedict College International Institute for Teaching Enhancement (teacher training program and the South Carolina/Benedict College Legislators Exchange Program).

You have facilitated contacts for Benedict College throughout Ghana and the international community for the underprivilged and have spoken to issues of literacy, the development of the environment, community, people, and education.

Benedict College is pleased to welcome you into its distinguished family of honorary degree recipients”

The award ceremony took place in the morning of Saturday, May 5, 2012 at The Charlie W. Johnson Stadium, Benedict College, Columbia, South Carolina, U.S.A. The Mayor of Accra was present to receive his award from Dr. David H. Swinton, President of Benedict College.

Alfred Vanderpuije occupies one of the three hottest positions in Ghana. His effort at turning Accra, Ghana's capital city into a model one in Africa has been met with stiff opposition from a section of the public. But his determination to rid the city of filth and miscreants, and provide citizens with the basic necessities of life has won him a large following in Ghana and beyond. Many therefore believe he deserves the honourary doctorate award from Benedict College.

Obviously, however, the arduous work he is doing in Ghana is not the only reason he was selected by Benedict College Board of Trustees for the award. The Mayor's work while working for various educational institutions also contributed in his being chosen for the award. His facilitation of contacts for Benedict College throughout Ghana and the international community for the underprivileged was also mentioned in the citation as reasons for the award.

The people of Accra would obviously be proud that one of their own has gained international recognition. It is the hope of many that it would make dwellers in Accra appreciate more his motive for the crusade he has waged to make the city a safe and comfortable place for all.

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