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21.02.2012 Business & Finance

Nescafe Promises New Product

By Daily Guide
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The Communications Specialist for Nescafe Ghana, Elorm Foli has revealed that the company will soon be coming out with a newly-improved product to complement what they already have in the market.

He said Nescafe Ghana produces good and improved products in order to attract more consumers.

Mr. Foli was speaking in an interview with CITY & BUSINESS GUIDE at the opening of the NESCAFE hot air balloon mug 2012 tour in Accra.

He said 'The hot air balloon mug flight was designed to give our consumers unique experience, an experience of a life time, as an exciting brand that is quite innovative in terms of products and the experience we give to our consumers.'

Mr. Foli said the campaign was also to create an atmosphere of fun, excitement and adventure across the country.

'A lot of our consumers have seen or heard about the flying balloon on television, but have never flown in one before. So we decided to bring it to Ghana so they can experience it', he said

He said the event has set a new record in the history of brand activations in the country, as it effectively connects consumers from all walks of life to the Nescafe brand and revitalizes the leading global coffee brand.

He noted that those selected for the air balloon ride were randomly picked from a pool of entries sent via SMS, adding that each of the lucky winners was also given the opportunity to bring in two of his friends to fly with him on the hot balloon.

'By involving the lucky consumers and their friends, it simply means we are not just talking to the consumers and giving them a life-time experience, we are also extending the gesture to those close to them,' he explained.

The hot balloon, according to him, takes five persons at a time and it goes up about 50 metres.

By Cephas Larbi

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