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While on the Continent of Afrika and Islands, 30% of our Foreignized Afrikans have been successfully programmed to prefer Foreign Foods to their own Continental AfrikaFoods they consider “ low cost or below their status “, 99 of our Diaspora Afrikans have been successfully programmed to be ignorant of what their AfrikaFoods are, to forget how to cook and eat Afrikan and to eat only Foreign which they consider “ modern and better

Here, especially in USA, 99% of our today's Diaspora Afrikan brothers and sisters have completely lost their AFRIKAWAY of cooking and eating

. While in USA, Chinese are proud of their Chinese restaurant and their Chinese way of cooking and eating, Diaspora Afrikans in USA cannot imagine themselves having Afrikan restaurants let alone eat in them.

Everywhere one goes in USA, there are all kinds of restaurants except Diaspora Afrikan Restaurants by Diaspora Afrikans for Diaspora Afrikans .

Italians have their own Italian restaurants, all over USA .

Japanese Americans cannot do without their Japanese Restaurants all over USA

French Americans, Arab Americans, Anglo Americans, Irish Americans, German Americans, Scandinavian Americans, Russian Americans, all the Human Groups that make up the Invisible Anglo-White Power Machine that is known today as USA , all have their own Ancestral Restaurants in US for the promotion and preservation of who and what they are in USA .

But when it comes to our own Diaspora Afrikans, everything was done and continues to be done in programming and brainwashing them into accepting the Lie that Restaurant for them can only be Foreign-based and Style Restaurants and never their own Afrikan Restaurants that they have been kept ignorant of and uprooted from

All because their brainwashing has been so thorough and complete that they annoying their "white" masters by having their own Afrikan-owned and directed restaurants.

In their subconscious minds, why have their own Afrikan Restaurants when the "master" has offered them all they need and want in their Foreign style Restaurant ?

After all, they believe it is beneath their new found freedom from slavery and white domination and exploitation to own, work and eat in their own Afrikan Restaurants they were told are less class to their Foreign restaurants they die to dine in to signify they have made it in White USA , something they were not allowed to do for three hundred years .

They have also absorbed thoroughly the lie that their AFRIKAWAY of cooking and eating is inferior to what their "white" masters have offered them.

Who will dare reject the master's food to the slave's food?

So, faithfully and proudly, Diaspora Afrikans see no wrong in losing their AFRIKAWAY of cooking and eating.

In fact, they see it as a Relief, Freedom , Salvation and a promotion from cooking and eating Afrikan as slave Cuisine to dining in expensive Foreign Restaurants that serve everything except their Afrikan Foods they now run away from, shun, laugh at and consider beneath their new found American Citizen status .

And yet, beyond all the rationalization and excuses to justify the need to replace their Natural right of eating Naturally i.e. Cooking and Eating Afrikan instead of Foreign, lies the deep pain, the crisis and the trauma generated into them by the burden of living on foreign food.

The inability of Diaspora Afrikans to have their own Afrikan restaurants and eat and enjoy their Afrikan Cuisine the AFRIKAWAY as all other Human Groups in USA do for their benefit , has permanently deprived them of their pride, their self-esteem and confidence in themselves as human beings.

The more they are told everything they represent is bad, the more they learn to hate themselves, reject themselves and the more they love their masters they hate at the same time.

The more they are told they cannot do anything without the "white" man, the more they accept their dependency and powerlessness as natural.

This explains why most Diaspora Afrikans in USA are totally dead to their Afrikan food without the least knowledge of it.

Hence, their eagerness to eat in expensive restaurants to cover their loss elsewhere.

The more they eat Foreign foods that are alien to their AfrikaSystem or Makeup, the more important and civilized they feel.

And yet they forget that Afrikan food is Power, Life , Pride and Dignity for all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans no matter where they are found to have and enjoy as Medicine for their AfrikaSystem because Afrikan Cuisine to all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans is as crucial, important and indispensable as French Cuisine to French or Arab Cuisine to Arabs, Italian Cuisine to Italians, Irish Cuisine to the Irish, Jewish Cuisine to the Jew and so on .

That is why even animals in the jungle know and have The Power to have their own food and nobody else's .

They do not sacrifice or trade their way of eating with someone else.

For example a cat has enough intelligence to know that a cat's way of eating is neither superior or inferior to the dog's way of eating.

The elephant way of eating is different from the way trees eat. Which is natural.

That is why a Lion eats and enjoys only the Lion Food and not Elephant Food and vice versa .

That is why the Fish never eats Eagle Food but only Fish food and vice-versa.

Because each knows for a Lion to eat lion food is to live forever . But for a Lion to eat Elephant Food or Elephant Food instead of his/her Lion Food is to become a living dead and vice-versa .

But when it comes to today's 99% of Diaspora Afrikans in USA, this basic right of all beings on earth has been stolen from them.

An attempt to break away from their tragic dependence on foreign food will be suicidal.

That is why nobody talks about the situation. All that matters is doing what they are programmed to accept, reject, do or avoid .

And as long as they do that i.e. don't rock the boat of USA, they are allowed to flourish within the slave/colonial boundary they have set up for them without their least knowledge of it .

Hence, the persistent havoc to Diaspora Afrikans by the colonialism and enslavement of foreign foods will continue to increase until the victims gain back their power to reclaim their lost AFRIKAWAY of cooking and eating.

Fortunately, in some parts of Diaspora Afrika in Europe, West Indies and South America, Afrikan restaurants exist under the guise of "Creole," "Caribbean," "Soul Food," etc.

Even if these cannot totally replace the real Afrikan food, it certainly offers Diaspora Afrikans the chance to be creative and feel good about themselves.

The existence of these Afrikan-related restaurants and food also exposes the "white" lie that Diaspora Afrikans cannot live without the Foreign Cuisines of their slave/colonial masters they now call and die for as their own .

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