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Nov 18, 2011 | Health

#1 NEW HEALTH/WELLNESS BREAKTHRU.........How You Can Be Healthy,Prevent Diseases And Live Younger!!!

It's being called the most exciting scientific discovery in the

health and wellness field in several decades,a remarkable fruit from

AE Asia call Mangosteen legendary for its health promoting powers,and

how researchers have unlocked the key secret to Mongosteen's amazing

benefit,a powerful new class of super anti-oxidant found in the rind

(Pericard)of this delicious tasting fruits called Xanthones.Now,for

the first ever,Vemma,U.S based health and wellness company and

leading pioneer in the field of liquid nutritional products and

healthy beverage has combined the amazing benefits of the Mongosteen

fruit and the Xanthones contained in Mongosteen with a full spectum

formula to create the world's most powerful liquid nutritional and

anti-oxidant health product.
Alternate names: Garcinia mangostana L., mangostan, manggis, mangis, mang cut

Mangosteen is a tropical fruit that is grown primarily in hot, humid climates of southeast Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Mangosteen is a dark purple fruit about 2 to 3 inches in diameter – the size of a small peach or apple. Mangosteens are unrelated to mangos.

1.10-20yrs gestation period
2.Sweet fruit in the world
3.Most expenses fruit in the world
4.Most nutritional fruit
5.Command 43 of the 200 Xanthones in the whole world

6.Mongosteen is much powerful than noni and Acai
7.Mongosteen is the Queen of fruit and King of opportunity.

8.No insects,bugs and worm can eat mongosteen when drop from the tree

9.It take up to 4 months to ripen and 75ft tall
1.Anti-fatique(energy boster)
2.Powerful anti-inflamamatory(prevents inflammation)

3.Analgesic(prevent pain)
4.Anti-ulcer(stomach,mouth and bowel ulcers)
5.Anti-depression(low to moderate)
6.Anxyolytic(anti-anxiety effect)
7.Anti-Alzheimeria(help prevent dementia)
8.Anti-tumor and cancer prevention
(multi-categories cited)...shown to be capable of killing cancer cell

9.Immunomodulator(multible categories cited-help boost the immune system.

13.Anti-biotic(prevent baterial infections)
14.Anti-fungal(prevent fungal infections)
15.Anti-seborrheaic(prevent skin disorders)
16.Anti-lipidemic(blood fat lowering,LDL)
17.Anti-atherosclerotic(prevents harding of arteries)

18.Cardio protective(protects the heart)
19.Hypotensive(blood pressure lowering)
20.Hypoglycemic(anti-diabetic effect,helps lower blood sugar)

21.Anti-obesity(help with weight loss)
22.Anti-arthritic(prevention of arthritis)
23.Anti-osteoporosis(help prevent the loss of bone mass)

24.Anti-periodontic(prevent gum disease)
25.Anti-allergenic(prevent allergic reaction)
26.Anti-calculitic(prevent kidney stones)
27.Anti-pyretic(fever lowering)
30.Anti-neuralgic(reduces nerve pain)
31.Anti-vertigo(prevent dizziness)
32.Anti-cataract(prevent cataracts)
33.Anti-glaucomic(prevent glaucoma)
34.Pansystemic-has a synergistic effect on the whole body

Vemma is Good for your health
Everybody.Children can drink because their immune system is weak.Adults as result of years of depletion of nutrients in their body and the youth to maintain healthy life beauty and younger.

Drinking 1 glass of Vemma Mangosteen daily renew 300millions cells in the body daily.Note special glass

Vemma Mangosteen Juice Contains
12 Vitamins
65 Essential /trace mineral
Organic Grown Aloe Vera
De caffeinated Green Tea
Wild craft,whole Fruit Mangosteen
ORAC score of 115,000 per bottle, one of the highest recorded

Formulated by Top physicians
Voted "Best Overall liquid nutritional and anti-oxidant health product by Men's Journal Magazine

Companies spend millions of dollars in advertising and marketing.In fact, according to marketing thought leaders, Greg Stuart and Rex Briggs, about $112 billion spent on advertising in the U.S. alone is wasted money. Just imagine what this money would do in the lives of independent distributors or consumers of these products and the companies as bonuses.

In multi-Level marketing or word-of mouth advertising the companies DOES NOT advertise.It's the distributors or users of the product who do word -of-mouth advertising or by their affiliate website,i mean order the product for personal use and share or refer your friends, be it social sites,collegues,religious groups,business partners,families etc,etc.something we always do for free.

The budget for advertising are rather paid to the independent distributors or users as Bonuses.In this

business you can earn over $1000,$3000,$25000,$50,000 a weekly or montly or more.

Everybody,professionals like teachers,lawyers,doctors,self-employed,contractors,carpenters,masons.drivers,students,Reverend Ministers and unemployed too.We can all do this business on Part or Full time without affecting what we are doing now.The term now is Home business,Work at Home,Make extra,Be your own boss.Something we always do for free,but with this you are paid bonuses.Order for personal use.

Vemma International is in 60 countries worldwide!!!

For More Information and ORDER


DISCLAIMER-This is not diagnosing or treating any diseases.Just dietary Supplement

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