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"The moment the slave resolves that he will no longer be a slave, his fetters fall. Freedom and slavery are mental states." Mahatma Gandhi

I shall open my discourse with two clear positions; the first being that I hold no authority when it comes to moral purity before the unseen yet existing Almighty God; and secondly, that I have no resentment against opposing views. However, I shudder at the thought of those who pose themselves as being generous to the cause of helping the poor whilst using the same pretext to exact their evil will on them.

It is common knowledge that what constitute a sin is limitless and that is why I find the provisions in the Bible which assert that it will be easier for the camel to pass through the eye of a needle; than for man to enter into the Kingdom of God. Dear reader, one can better understand this biblical text by attempting to visualize the objects mentioned herein; of course the sizes of an average camel and that of a needle are not comparable entities. In the context of this text, I hesitate to point accusing fingers at those we perceive, by our faith, to be sinning against the will of God. Religion is a subject with dicey ends hence pundits in this field must run religious commentaries with guided tongues lest; they are ensnared by their own words. Though I hold my religious faith intact, I am of the view that society can function even without religious doctrines. I also hold the view that in the absence of religion, the law of nature is what should guide our actions and determine our shared values. Therefore, with or without religious doctrines, society must function par excellence.

The ever contentious issue of homosexuality
If there is any subject that has and will continue to draw divergent views, then homosexuality will remain one of those subjects. This is because its pervasiveness is not bounded by geography or religion; neither is it defined by creed, colour, status nor fame. By its concealing manifestations, at least in African countries, it is difficult to even segment pro-homosexuals for any purposes. Certainly, it is so contentious (with some legal implications especially in the western world) that care must be taken when addressing the subject.

I do not submit to homosexuality. This position of mine is strongly informed by the application of the natural law which I alluded to earlier on in this presentation. Interestingly, the natural law in my view can demystify sacred positions; rendering them commonsensical issues, which of course can better shape societies. In the context of the natural law, homosexuality is anti-procreation. It defies biological tenets and seems to be the epidemic that would finally drive the human population into total extinction, if its practice is sustained. Within the context of natural law, this practice is a breach of nature's cause of action.

Dilemma of the so-called nature protectionists
One thing I admire most about the western world is the way they protect tree species. Hardly would you see indiscriminate felling of trees. Indeed, the practice attracts punitive action. It is therefore obvious that tree and animal species enjoy adequate protection in those 'civilized' worlds. The belief is that the last man dies with the death of the last tree. In a similar fashion, and within the context of natural law, the human generation dies with the proliferation of homosexuality. If our western folks can protect tree and animal species from running into extinction, then I wonder why such lovers of nature would not protect the very foundation of human existence – which is procreation. Trees and animals are being preserved just so that the ecology will not be destroyed; so that the ozone layer would not be depleted; so that there would be abundant rainfall to water plants and grow food to feed lives and sustain economies; but ironically, we seem to be supporting homosexuality, a sexual preference potent enough to plunge the human race into total extinction. My basic knowledge in plant and animal propagation teaches me that animals and trees give off to their kind through the process of propagation but how can homosexuals take part in this procreation exercise? By the way, who must procreate for homosexuals to please themselves with? The scientist may talk about artificial insemination but who should produce the fertilized eggs for the insemination process to be successful? I need insights to unravel why homosexuals would want to create a serious procreation conundrum.

Cameron and the slavery continuum
Now back to David Cameron's rather unfortunate and misguided threats. I don't even want to call this a threat but rather a way of reinventing the slavery regime in a disguised fashion. To insist that anti-homosexual states will not benefit from UK's aid, Cameron is certainly revisiting slavery on the developing world; a greater number of which are African countries.

The UK Prime Minister is such an intelligent person per his scholarly achievements. The Oxford graduate has enviable academic credentials so he surely knows to what objective his threat is intended to achieve. However, the misguided threats affirms Cameron's insatiable drive of staging to the world that the UK has universal moral right for which reason all poor states must submit to their orders. It is so sad that the UK government will take undue advantage of poor nations to perpetuate their insular interest. But why won't they do so when we see them as the saviours to our socio-economic challenges.

Cleverly, Cameron has realized the beggary nature of developing countries and since a beggar has no choice, he surely wants to have his way. But I daresay that quite often, beggars have choices to make; except that they don't notice the options available to them. As beggars of aid, we can exercise the discretion of refusing to accept such treacherous aid meant to culturally enslave us. Have we forgotten that once upon a time in Aminata Sow Fall's Beggars Strike, the Senegalese beggars went on strike thus making it difficult for the politicians who believed that giving alms could enrich their political fortunes, to wander about in total trepidation? Oh, and when the beggars really went on strike, their importance was felt and their pride restored. That is exactly what we must do as a people with dignified culture - and in this case our cultural position on homosexuality is perfectly in tandem with the natural law of life.

Without contesting his intellectual prowess, there is one thing that is gradually creeping into Cameron's mindset; he seems to see himself as an all-knowing fellow and that his views and position on any subject must carry the day. Not too long ago, his European contemporary, Nicolas Sarkozy had the unpleasant opportunity of telling him to shut up with his so called prescriptions of what is right for the eurozone crisis. This was when the British MP, at the just ended EU-27 summit, in Brussels virtually threw his weight around his colleagues as if he is the only one upon whom wisdom has been bestowed. The Guardian reports the French President, Sarkozy as blatantly telling Cameron that, "We are sick of you criticising us and telling us what to do. You say you hate the euro and now you want to interfere in our meetings." Thank you, President Sarkozy, you have done a perfect and noble duty!

Do we have a choice?
This is where I must repeat the headline quotation that "The moment the slave resolves that he will no longer be a slave, his fetters fall. Freedom and slavery are mental states." Mahatma Gandhi is certainly right when he made this timeless observation. As Africans, we are the richest of all the 5 continents that is why it defies understanding that we are still poor to the extent that Cameron would want us to kowtow to his moral dictatorial instincts so that he can reinvent the dastardly slave regime. Considered as an event whose evil nature the world has never experienced, the era of slavery was the greatest show of callousness to humanity; not only because of the physical abuse but also the sheer fact that it mentally enslaved the subjects and we cannot allow another form of slavery to visit us in this era of enlightenment.

The debate about whether or not to legalize homosexuality can go on but leaders of the developing world must be bold to shame the UK PM who thinks he knows it all. How can he prescribe what may be culturally permissible in his homeland to the rest of the developing world? African governments must not consent to the emerging era of mental and cultural servitude christened under the guise of UK aid.

We surely have a choice to stand against this draconian and disguised slavery model by the UK government. By now, we should have waned ourselves off the hooks of poverty so that we can walk, talk and act like truly independent nations. What leaders of developing nations must realize about Mr. Cameron is that he exudes high levels of confusion in most of his speeches. His own former tutor, Professor Vemon Bogdanor is on record to have said that, "I think he is very confused. I've read his speech and it's filled with contradictions. There are one or two good things in it but one glimpses them, as it were, through a mist of misunderstanding". Why must we allow a man full of personal confusion to ply on our mindset and define which way we should go?

We must resolve that slavery is no more and once we do, the chains of servitude will fall and our total freedom will be guaranteed! We must cherish our traditions that identify us as a people. We have borrowed much from the west and our continued dependence on them is what gives the 45 year old PM the impetus to dictate to us. His prescription shows how shallow-minded he is when it comes to the cultures of the African people. Without reservations, his threat smacks of disregard for the African culture and the integrity of our forebears. May our leaders show the highest degree of self-respect and tell him in the face that, 'Mr. Cameron, to hell with your aid; we can survive without them'. We have a duty to resist Cameron's dictatorial tantrums and that is why I find it so refreshing to hear President J.E.A Mills unequivocally say that, “ I as President of this nation would never initiate or support any attempt to legalise homosexuality in Ghana. As a government we will abide by the principles enshrined in the constitution which is supreme”. Mr. President, you have indeed made me proud to be a Ghanaian. You have indeed said what must be said. He is not the demigod of values and will never ever be one! Long live Africa!

The writer, Adama Bukari, is a full-time author/publisher and the C.E.O of Exceed Media Ltd, a company that delivers superior services in publishing, media consultancy, business communications and advertising. He is also a motivational speaker and the editor-in-chief of JUVENILE INSPIRER; a youth magazine which seeks to deal with youthful inertias. Currently, he is studying Master of Philosophy programme in Global Leadership at the Institute of Professional Studies, Legon. He was a finalist in the JoyFM's MY BUSINESS 2010 Entrepreneurial Mentorship Programme. Italic

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