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The Million Dollar Rice Project In The South Tongu

By Daily Guide
Capt Karim Mecabi -CEO of River Plantation ValleyCapt Karim Mecabi -CEO of River Plantation Valley

The past weeks have been very eventful and I have been able to see beyond what is on the ground today.

I have realized that some ventures are not meant for the faint hearted and that those who consider themselves as eagles and condors are ruling this world.

A very significant event took place last week, which some people could describe as the normal publicity gimmick of the Volta Foundation.

However for those of us who have been in the trenches with Dumega Raymond Okudzeto, we know that finally we have arrived at a destination, which would make the Volta region the envy of all in the next two years.

A Ghanaian company called River Plantation Valley has decided to acquire over 20,000 hectares of land for rice production (Long Grain Perfume Rice) in the South Tongu District of the Volta Region.

The project, worth several millions of dollars, would enable the company to supply the local and West African markets.

The company, like the Aveyime rice, would be using the abundant water from the Volta River to irrigate the plantation.

According to Karim Mecabi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company, his outfit has been in the rice production business for a very long time but has not explored the Volta Region.

Fortunately, the new wave of information put out by the Volta Foundation has influenced them to get serious with the region as they have realized that acquiring land in the Volta Region is easier than other parts of the country.

Mr. Mecabi further stated that Ghana has vast lands that are being wasted, adding that if the bottlenecks in the acquisition of land are addressed such lands when put under cultivation would enable the country to earn over $600 million a year.

The CEO was of the opinion that the authorities should establish land banks for companies interested in large-scale farming in the country.

River Plantation Valley has already started a medium rice plantation project at Agorta in the South Tongu District under which a big silo was constructed for the storage of the harvested rice.

Mr. Mecabi disclosed that his outfit normally uses the local people in production.

On marketing, he said the company's policy allows the local marketers to market the finished products in the area.

'We want to put money in the pockets of the people so as to make it easy and comfortable for them,' Mecabi disclosed.

He also said that social intervention projects that they have already executed to provide good drinking water, clinics, roads, among others, would be replicated in the South Tongu District.

The company also allows investors who are interested in farming but do not want to be directly involved to make returns on their money.

On his part, Dumega Raymond Okudzeto who was in the company of lawyer Glover, brother of Dr. Bernard Kwasi Glover, member of the Council of State, to inspect the land and interact with the owners, pointed out that the Volta Region is on the verge of becoming the rice bowl of the country in addition to the Northern Region.

'We would want our region to be self sufficient in food production and then to feed the West African sub-region as we can produce every tropical food in the place,' Dumega pointed out.

He further stated that it would not auger well for the Volta region, which is preparing for big industrial establishments and harbor to be importing food from other places.

Mr Okudzeto reiterated his call on investors both local and foreign to invest in the region.

By Amos Amaglo