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05.01.2011 General News

Octogenarian Farmer Marks Christmas On Farm

By Gabriel Ahiabor - Daily Graphic
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An 84-year-old farmer of Anloga in the Volta Region, did what he does on Christmas Day when he celebrated the occasion on his farm.

The Octogenarian, Togbe Awalashie Segbafa, a vegetable farmer of many years experience, still has the strength to continue his profession as a farmer.

In an interview with The Mirror on his farm, he said he used his profession to inspire the youth that there was honour in hard work.

'This is my exercise field and it makes me feel stronger every day,” he said, adding that “work does not kill but pays good dividend.”

Togbe Segbafa appealed to the Farmers’ Day Awards Committee to establish an award scheme for old farmers who are still tilling the land.

This, he said, would encourage the youth to look upon farming as rewarding.

Togbe Segbafa has lived bare-chested for the past 60 years in adherence to his traditional religious belief which forbids its priests from wearing clothes on the upper part of the body.

He has also for the past 60 years, put on a head scarf.

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