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04.11.2002 Travel & Tourism

Accra Tourism Week

Accra Tourism Week
LISTEN NOV 4, 2002

A photo exhibition dubbed Accra: The Destination, depicting some of the capital's landmarks is currently on display at the Accra Visitor Center (AVC), as part of activities to celebrate Accra Tourism Week, a community awareness programme to highlight the benefits and importance of tourism to the region and indeed the country as a whole. A tourist information resource of the Accra Convention & Visitors Bureau (ACVB), AVC provides visitors to Accra access to up-to-date information and advice on what to do and where to go in the city, and general assistance that will enhance the quality of the visitor's experience while in the country, as well as local residents to have a sense of community. "We want the people of Accra to appreciate what tourism does for them, and realize that the landmarks we have in the capital are important facilities that can help in bringing in visitors who may just want to see these attractions, which are comparable to any in many cities in the world," says PaJohn Dadson, Executive Director of ACVB. "ACVB," he said, "was established on the premise that tourism business can be attracted from our target markets in the US and Europe more effectively through coordinated group action than through independent individual actions, and it is important that every citizen understands what tourism means before a major international promotion that will lead to a tourism boom can be embarked upon. That's why we are seeking to organize such events to bring to the fore the benefits of tourism. Many people, for example don't even extend their understanding of tourism to include meetings and conventions, but they are an integral part, and we need local residents to be more welcoming to visitors who come here for meetings." With a mission to from a cooperative with 'industry players' to help plan and market our capital city Accra, being the gateway to Ghana, as a premier travel destination in Africa, while providing leadership in tourism awareness and customer service, the ACVB is working in earnest to bring its vision of branding Accra as Africa's Cultural City, and Ghana as Africa's Heritage Country, to fruition, and will be hosting more special events to highlight the importance of tourism to the national economy. Accra; the Destination runs until November 7, and has Ghana and international tourism highlights, and other information as part of the exhibition. Curetted by Coubagy of Asafo Gallery, Accra: The Destination was supported by Accra Brewery Ltd.

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