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02.07.2009 General News

Ursula wants more years for incest father

By myjoyonline
Ursula wants more years for incest father
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A member of the Federation of Women Lawyers International is suggesting to DOVSU to appeal a 5-year sentence of a man charged with incest.

The 56-year-old man, Roland Blewuda, fathered five children with his mentally retarded daughter within a ten year period.

He was last week handed a five year imprisonment sentence following his arrest in December last year.

But a member of FIDA, Ursla Owusu, says the five year sentence is too lenient to serve as a deterrent to others.

Meanwhile officials of DOVSU say they are yet to meet to consider the proposal to appeal against the sentence as it falls within the 3 to 25 years given to such culprits under the laws of the country.

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