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14.05.2009 Education

Schools reopen…while Education Service delays supply of teaching materials

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As final year students of the Junior High Schools have completed their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE), those in Form Two of their schools now become seniors, even though the third term of their present class has not been completed.

As already known, when schools reopen new notebooks, attendance sheets, assessment sheets and registers are to be given to teachers of the various government schools to begin their third term lessons. But there are always delays in the supply of these items by the Ghana Education Service (GES).

It was disclosed by some teachers in some metro-schools that for two to three weeks, after the re-opening of schools, classes do not go on because the teachers have not received their teaching materials.

This makes attendance of the school children very poor, because they believe when they come to school it is only to play. In an interview with the Headmistress of Odorkor '4' Primary and 7 Junior High School, Mrs. Catherine Vordzorgbe, noted that in their schools they do not normally experience such acts.

She said this problem comes up when they begin a fresh term, thus the first term.

She pointed out that in such situations, the children come to school and play around for one to two weeks before their teachers get their teaching materials.

She explained that the teaching materials are supplied every first term of the school calendar to cover the year, especially the register books, and during the third term other supplementary materials are supplied, i.e., Assessment forms etc.

She said even though they had re-opened for the third term, the GES had not brought any of the needed materials.

According to her, the Ghana Education Service submitted the text books and teachers guides before school vacated. “They gave us the text books at the end of last term,” she added.

With the Form Two pupils, taking on as seniors in the school, Mrs. Vordzorgbe further stated that they would continue with their syllabus, even though they had moved into the form three classrooms.

She said that with her school, she was sure to complete the form two syllabuses in June, and then begin with that of form three.

Mrs. Catherine Vordzorgbe said the major problem of the school was lack of furniture.

She said the school had a very large enrollment, with about 120 pupils in a Primary Class, which gives the teachers a hectic time in handling so many children in a class.

She lamented that because of the large enrollment in a class most of the children are forced to sit on the floor, because there are not enough chairs and tables.

Not only that, but when the Accra File visited the school, most of the structures of the school buildings were weak, and the ceilings had developed large holes in such a way that when it rains the children are not able to stay in class. When the sun also shines and reflects into the classroom, it becomes a big problem for the teachers, who are supposed to be teaching at that time.

The school has no toilets and urinal facility they can visit. They rather have to pay an amount of money to a near by public toilet, before using the place.

Mrs. Catherine Vordzorgbe is calling on both the Government and the Ghana Education Service to intervene in this situation, because it is getting worse.

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