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16.03.2009 Business & Finance

ADB boss to finance 100-yr plan for ADISCO

By David Alan Painstil Cape Coast - Ghanaian Chronicle

The Managing Director (MD) of the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB), Mr. Yaw Opoku Atuahene, has promised to finance a 100-year strategic action plan for the Adisadel College (ADICSO) in Cape Coast, to serve as roadmap for the school in the next 100 years.

According to him, such a strategic plan would guide successive heads of the school to maintain the achievements of their predecessors, and build upon them without swaying from the main purpose of establishing the school.

Speaking at the 99th Speech and Prize-Giving Day at the school's premises on Saturday, Mr. Atuahene tasked the school authority and old students to draw the plan, and that he was prepared to foot the bills.

He impressed on the current final year students of the school to start writing the history of the school, so that nobody could distort the facts, and indicated that such a process should continue till the end of the world.

Mr. Atuahene promised to lead a crusade to protect school lands, which were being encroached upon by some residents in Cape Coast, and revive the 'Santaclausian' Magazine to help the students keep the history of the college.

Atuahene, an old boy of the college and native of Cape Coast, called on the students to learn hard so as to protect the gains made by the school over the years.

He said that the Centenary celebrations of the school would come off next year July 18, where old boys and those in the Diaspora are expected to turn up in their numbers.

The Headmaster of the school, Herbert K. K. Graham, electrified the crowd when he enumerated the successes of the school since he took over in 2004.

According to him, the school made significant impact when it reduced the number of failures from 530 in 2004 to 32 in 2008, and pledged to the parents that the school was aiming at recording no failure this year.

He said out of 24 subjects the school participated in the WASSCE examinations, it scored 100 per cent in 17 subjects, in which the best candidate scored eight 'As' (8As).

He mentioned that Master David Kofi Nyarko, a past student, had been named the 3rd best West African Student, and that he (Graham), together with Nyarko and his assistant, would travel to Sierra Leone on Sunday for the awards.

He said Adisadel College hasd cause to jubilate, because the school had chalked so many successes over the past four years, and cited himself as being elected the best headmaster of the year 2008.

He said seven teachers, who were released from the school as a result not having any subjects to teach, were still hanging around and had taken the school to court.

Mr. Graham appealed to government to release grants, scholarships and feeding fees early, so as to save the school from creditors, who demand high interests on items procured on credit to run the school.

Deserving teachers, non-teaching staff and students were awarded with various prizes. The Anglican Mission established Adisco in 1910.