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12.03.2009 Regional News

Enough is enough -Bugri Naabu tells feuding factions in the north

By The Statesman

An opinion leader in northern Ghana, Chief Daniel Bugri Naabu, has made a passionate appeal to supporters of both the ruling NDC and NPP in Tamale not to see themselves as enemies but political opponents whose ideologies and beliefs have shaped the country's infant democracy.

"We cannot kill ourselves because we belong to different political parties,' he added.

He again called on the people to live in peace and harmony with one another and bring their ideas on board for the total upliftment of the north. We are one people with common destiny and belonging to different political parties or backgrounds does not make us enemies and we should not allow our political differences to make enemies of each other.'

According to him, the political hostilities up north have derailed the development agenda of successive governments in their attempts to bridge the yawning gap between the north and the south.

He noted that the chunk of money provided to keep peace could have been used to promote the development of the north.

"This huge money goes into peace keeping instead of developing the north. We need good infrastructure development, we need good roads, housing, water, hospitals, so I"m appealing to everybody in Tamale and Bawku to stop this unnecessary violence and see reason for dialogue'.

Speaking to The Statesman at his office in Osu, Accra, the opinion leader of the North, lamented, 'I always feel bad as a northerner anytime this unfortunate incidents happen'.

Chief Naabu therefore called on the people of the north, especially the youth, to harness their energies purposefully and engage in productive ventures that can help transform the area and the country as a whole.

Bugri Naabu, who is also a founding member of NPP in the northern regions, noted that the precarious situation in the area, especially Tamale and Bawku, called for strong political will and fairness, and therefore called on President Mills to keep his promise of being a 'President for all Ghanaians' irrespective of their tribes and political inclination.

Expressing sympathy for the victims of the political violence in Tamale, he added, 'We cannot do this to our own is not acceptable. We cannot continue to disgrace ourselves like this. Enough is enough.'

The leading NPP member commended the security agencies in Tamale and Bawku for the arduous task they were doing, urging them to perform their duties professionally while resisting any attempt by politicians to exploit them for their narrow interests.

Meanwhile, the hierarchy of the NPP will be in Tamale on Thursday to ascertain the level of damage and atrocities meted out to NPP members since the disturbances.