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12.03.2009 Regional News

Danger! Pedestrians, motorists alert!Kaneshie overhead bridge in terrible state

By Naa Betty Nelson. - Ghanaian Chronicle

The Accra File has recently noticed the terrible state of the Kaneshie overhead bridge, which is now a danger to pedestrians and motorists, who pass on and under it.

The handrails, which pedestrians hold when climbing or descending the bridge, are feeble and have developed cracks, which have become a source of harm to the palms of those who clutch them

The bridge itself, when descending from the left side, coming from Odorkor-First Light direction, is very weak and could collapse at anytime. This dangerous state does not even scare off sellers who trade on the bridge.

Some even go to an extreme of sitting under them comfortably, while selling their various items.

The Accra File gathered that due to the state of the bridge, pedestrians and hawkers do not normally use that particular overpass, but rather prefer the second bridge.

Again, it was discovered that the distances between the staircases were very wide, as compared to that of the second bridge, which makes it very uncomfortable for the pedestrians.

Another thing this paper noticed was that the entire bridge was rusty, with all the paint peeling off.

In an interview with some sellers on the overpass, they said this situation had been so for the past years, and nobody or the authorities in charge had come to examine the situation.

Some also said this had been so for a long time, but the authorities in charge and the police come to sack them from selling on the bridge, instead of rectifying the situation.

“What was needed for them to do, they never did, but rather drive us away from the bridge and pretend as if they have seen the situation at hand,” they added.

Others also mentioned that the rate at which people normally used the bridge had suddenly been reduced, because they were afraid the bridge might one day collapse.

Some pedestrians, in conversation with the Accra File, said they preferred the second bridge, because it was much safer.

On the other hand, others said it was not very safe, because pickpockets and thieves would have a field day, due to the overcrowding by pedestrians and hawkers who use the bridge.

They are therefore appealing to the current government, as well as the authorities in charge, to attend to this situation before a calamity or tragedy ensues.