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24.02.2009 Politics

Mischief: Coffee Shop Mafia Misinformation starts

By The Democrat

According to a story in the Daily Democrat there are clear indications that the Coffee Shop Mafia's (CSM) is bent on throwing mud at leading members of the government especially those in the Transitional team. The chief wizard to the CSM, Kwaku Baako is heading the smear campaign to vilify the new administration

The paper says it has intercepted a plot by Kweku Malik Baako to implicate the government of what he termed as “secret plot” by the government officials to “deal with functionaries of the former administration. Kweku Baako, who coordinates the activities of the CSM, a body sponsored by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to undertake public misinformation campaign to protect the errant member of the Kufuor's administration ostensible to avoid the wrath of the public.

According to Kweku Baako, he has in his possession a tape recording which he allege that it was a voice of a member (name withheld) of the NDC transitional team informing a colleague about the plan to jail members of the NPP who are culpable of committing various crimes against the state.

A copy of the tape was handed over to the host of Peace Fm morning show, Mr. Kwame Sefa kayi, a member of the CSM. The tape is expected to be played on the show and might be distributed to other FM stations that have questionable allegiance with the NPP.

According to their source within the mafia gang, kweku baako's posturing with the tape was to resuscitate his dwindling image which was as a result of his servile worship and protection of the NPP in the face of open transgressions and abuses committed by the ex-President Kufuor and his cronies against the electors.

He was heard saying that he would like to prove to Ghanaians that it's not only the editor of the Enquirer newspaper, who has the skills and the dexterity to eavesdrop high profile politicians or people in authority. He was referring to the famous secret recording of Mr. Kofi Gyimah by Mr. Raymond Archer, in which Mr. Gyimah was heard hatching plants to rig the December general elections in favour of the discredited NPP.

The tape was meant to preempt the government's action and discredit any attempt to lawfully gets NPP functionaries to account for the tape, plunder and pillaging that has taken place for the eight years that have mis-governed Kwame Nkrumah's Ghana. This preemptive measure would prepared the public mind that the new government has harboured vindictive agenda to railroad members of Kufuor's regime into jail for no reason than sheer political persecution or with-hunting. It is in that direction that kweku Baako's errand boy; who is the managing editor of the observer newspaper, has quickly formed the “free Daniel Gyimah” movement. It is expected that more of this 'protectionist' movement would be role out because they (NPP functionaries) are afraid of the pale shadow.

Credit": The Democrat