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07.02.2009 Editorial

Has a baby been sodomized or not?

By Weekend Democrat

It is easy for some mischievous people to claim that the closing down of the Peace & Love Orphanage owned by Grace Omaboe, a.k.a. Maame Dorkono and her subsequent arrest is a political vendetta waged against her by her political opponents, particularly those in the NDC.

Indeed, Maame Dorkono's actions and utterances since the whole saga began to unfold indicate that she wants Ghanaians to believe that she is being witch-hunted.

The word 'witch-hunting' seems to have become the political mantra of members of the NPP who do not want to be held accountable for their acts of commission or omission.

We want those who have already started jumping to her defence without analyzing the facts of the case to pause and ask themselves a few questions.

Has a baby at the orphanage be sodomized by another child at the orphanage? If the answer is yes, who should be held for this act if not the proprietor of the orphanage? Secondly, has Mame Dorkono's license to operate the orphanage expired? Reading political motives into a criminal act will not help Ghana. It will amount to endorsing criminality.

Let us learn to differentiate between political issue and criminal ones lest armed robbers too start crying that they are being witch-hunted when they are arrested.

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