11.01.2009 Feature Article

NDC: Learn from your past

NDC: Learn from your past
11.01.2009 LISTEN

I consider myself a liberal if not an independent Ghanaian voter living in the US. I had the opportunity to vote in 1996 and 2000 before relocating to the US. I was part of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) students who were fanatic to see a change of government just because we felt neglected, intimidated by the then National Democratic Congress' (NDC) government and also felt they (NDC) were engulfed with corruptions. Thank God there was a change because the people of Ghana voted for NPP with the hope that things will be better and people will live without fear or intimidation. When New Patriotic Party (NPP) assumed power, we witnessed how they united the people, rallied and gained the support and patience of the citizenry. I never heard of 64 commandos raiding any offices or NPP immediately pursuing any vengeance, in fact they never openly pursued vengeance in their 8 years of mandate.

I know someone will start thinking; this so called independent voter is NPP biased but hold your breath and follow my observations. I speak of what I know and can testify under oath not rumor or fabrication or propaganda. As of now, I still think NPP is the best government that I have seen in my 30yrs of existence because NDC government did not take us anywhere and had no plans moving Ghanaians forward. Perhaps the NDC team was being slapped and threatened by the former dictator Flt Lt Rawlings as he did openly to Former Vice President Ackaah if they do not heed to his marshal policy that has no bearing in books. It is not my desire to bring the weakness and terrible acts of NDC to light, because it became apparent who there were when NPP took over. I am here to rather caution them to be circumspect of what they need to avoid to be given another mandate because 23, 000 votes win is a rig of ballot that could have only been the cause to have given them the mandate and may change in 4yrs to come.

I have followed and constantly monitored Ghana politics and I have particularly developed personal interest in Prof. Evans Attah Mill's Presidency especially with his humility and gospel of peace and unification. I am compelled to call myself NDC fanatic just because of Prof.'s history as a reformer but only 72hours after power handover, some individuals have started reminding Ghanaians that NDC stands for bully, intimidation and threat as portrayed by the “fired” aide of Former President Rawlings. In 72hours after hand over, one expected announcement for petroleum price reduction or something that will bring relieve or some serious appointments of Ministers to hit the ground working or start distributing the wealth that Ghanaians were promised but instead an assembly of “commandos” to raid Castle.

Somebody needs to tell this disgraced and “proven” betrayal of Former President Rawlings aide to stop his action that seeks to paint NDC as a party of Intimidation. I read from the various media in Ghana websites the many NDC rally speeches that explicitly acknowledged these acts as part of their mistakes that caused them to lose power in 2000 and promised Ghanaians to restore them to power to make things right. Please somebody needs to constantly remind NDC of their words to the poor electorate when they needed their votes.

NPP could be a deceit and con Party and I do not doubt that because all politicians show up with humility when they need your vote until you vote them into power. I was in Ghana in 2006 and 2007 and I saw for myself the many changes in road constructions, redenomination of the Cedi, the implementation of National Health Insurance Scheme, the Freedom of Press that empowered the Media to openly attack the Presidency on Air, etc. which I strongly believe are signs of good governance only if these projects were implemented without embezzlements.

Until NDC takes its time to audit the National coffers to expose any wrongdoing or foul play, like most concerned and independent voters, I will always see NPP as the best government in 30yrs. I will strongly urge the NDC government not to rush into political premature plot of corruption cases against the NPP because Ghanaians are smarter now but rather concentrate on doing their job and gather all possible corruption evidence. If discovers any, I support prosecution of such perpetrators in a court of law just as NPP government did, which I see nothing wrong with that regardless of what people perceived.

To me, if NDC finds any wrongdoing and handles through our justice system instead of vendetta, they will win the heart of Ghanaians and be trusted to another 4year term and beyond. Vendetta will bring government down as a party and this will become redundant vicious cycle in political witch hunt as government changes. I personally believe NPP fall was in part due to how the court handled Tsatsu's case which the same smart Ghanaians saw it as political witch hunt rather than a fair trial, and NDC may fall as a victim should they pursue any political vengeance. NDC should know better!

Finally, I will strongly urged former President Rawlings to stay at a distance from New President Mills for fear of linking him to President Mills policy failure because he is very unpopular when it comes to economic policies and governance even though he commands respect and has many followers that adored him for his charisma but again Ghanaians are now smarter. NPP, CPP and others will be quick to tie President Mills' failure, if any, to former President Rawlings as Senator Obama (US-President-elect) tied Republican Presidential Aspirant Senator McCain to unpopular US President Bush.

NDC should stop political witch hunting and many press conferences to portray ousted NPP government as corrupt but rather save their findings for future use against them in their political quest to retain power come 2012. I still stand by NPP government as by far the most achieved government in Ghanaian political history until Prof. Mills proves Ghanaians otherwise with action not blame. I am willing to advise my family and close friends to join NDC if this government leads the country into state of oneness, freedom and tranquility because our President sworn with Bible in his hands to be a father to all.

Big brothers are watching from far and may join NDC or campaign against it. We are also waiting for NPP's dark secrets in the years to come to re-consider our ratings for NPP government in general. Issues like individuals' stealing vehicles are not issues to demean NPP's hard earn reputation because smart Ghanaians know that no one can steal Government vehicles and drive it in Ghana. Give us a break, please.

Bright Nkrumah [[email protected]]
Oklahoma City, US