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24.12.2008 Social News

Rt-Rev. Allotey calls for peace during Christmas festivities and run-off

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Right Reverend Daniel Allotey, Bishop of Cape Coast Diocese of Anglican Church on Wednesday stressed the need for Ghanaians to maintain the prevailing peace during the Christmas celebrations and after the December 28, Presidential Election run-off.

He urged Christians to let the characteristics of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, love and unity, to prevail in their homes, workplaces and among families.

Bishop Allotey, who made the call in his Christmas message copied to GNA in Cape Coast, stated that peace did not mean the absence of war, but understanding and recognising humanity and each other's worth in society.

“We could choose to disagree with each other, but we should recognize the humanity and dignity of the other that is what peace is all about”.

Bishop Allotey urged Christians and all Ghanaians to continue to accept the authority of God in this moment of electing a new leader for the country, and advised that the public should accept whoever would emerge as winner in the run-off, as the choice of God.

However, he expressed concern about ethnic politics that had taken over the campaigns towards the run-off and called on politicians to stop, stressing that “it is an insult on the integrity of the target group and a threat to the general peace of the nation”.

“The parties talking about ethnicity should stop, it is not fair. We have reached a stage in our democracy such that we should not be talking about ethnicity, but rather about development issues”.

Bishop Allotey called on Ghanaians to participate in the run-off with all seriousness adding that “the hierarchy of the Anglican Church has directed that all church services end before 0700 hours on December 28, to enable its members to exercise their franchise.”

He cautioned drivers to be careful during the yuletide to avoid unnecessary road accidents, adding, “money is necessary but it cannot replace human life”.

Bishop Allotey prayed for peace in families, homes and in conflict areas and said people should talk of “jaw, jaw and not war, war”.

Right Reverend Nicholas K. Asane, Bishop of Cape Coast Diocese of Methodist Church, in his message said the best Christmas gift the two political parties contesting the run-off could offer the nation was peace, unity and reconciliation.

He said they should become bedfellows, stressing that there should not be any fighting, violence or destruction, before, during and after the run-off, and exhorted them to allow the Christmas message of goodwill towards mankind to prevail in their campaign messages.

Rt-Rev. Asane said Jesus Christ came into the world with the message of peace, love, sacrifice and understanding, and asked all Christians at this crucial moment of Ghana's history, to prove to the entire world that they were ambassadors of Jesus Christ and peace, and show goodwill towards all, irrespective of their political affiliations or ethnicity.

He said Jesus Christ who is the Prince of Peace has come to visit us and with this peace, all wars, acrimony and bitterness should stop, “it should be possible for the lamb and leopard to sleep together”.

Rev. Dr Albert Anakwa, Cape Coast District Minister of Presbyterian Church of Ghana, said this year's Christmas was special, because of the run-off and asked that all Christmas messages should be on peace, love and unity.

He said it was the responsibility of all Ghanaians to seek peace which could only be received if they accepted their sinful nature and asked for God's forgiveness.

Rev. Anakwa, said due to their actions and inactions, there had been a lot of problems in the society and called for reconciliation, peace, unity and love among families, at the work place and society.

He expressed concern about the politics of insults which had taken over the campaigns towards the run-off, and urged all and sundry to reflect on the situation and asked for God's forgiveness, since this was the only way God could grant the nation the peace it needed.

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