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12.11.2008 News

poem: Barack Obama, son of Africa

poem: Barack Obama, son of Africa

Barack Obama, son of Africa

A new hope for this era

A change for the better

You courted the world

And won their hearts

So filled with passion

To achieve your mission

You forged through the maze

To bring a world of change

Barack Obama

Many are they that thought

'How can it be?'

Many are they that sought

But could not see

This soulful dream

Of hope and beam

You have now become

An inspiration for some

Yea, Martin Luther King

Dreamt of such a day

Where Men will not be judged per say

By the colour of their skin

Or by empty words of flatter

But by the content of their character

But I wish to know this one thing

By this choice of a leader

Does this mean racism is over?

It was said by the prophets of old

'Africa will rule the world'

Come to pass it has

Yea, we will forever rejoice

For this victory of choice

In the season of strong tides

Our prayers will ride

Away the great wave

And bring forth the mighty to save

Son of Africa

This is a victory sure

We urge you on

Fight the good fight

Though there may be plight

There will always be hope

To climb on the ropes

To that place of harmony

Author: Natalie Ofori [[email protected]]