Tue, 11 Nov 2008 Feature Article

Kumawu Sekyere Constituency Going to an Independent Candidate

Kumawu Sekyere Constituency Going to an Independent Candidate

A mammoth rally organised by the most winnable Independent candidate for the Kumawu Constituency at the impending December 7 general elections, on Saturday, 2 November 2008, has sent shock waves and cold chill up the spine of many an NPP activist. The ripple effect of this shock was felt as far as Accra. The incumbent MP was said to be wrapped in silence, and drowned in consternation. The disgraceful marriage of the Kumawu Constituency to the UP/PP/PFP/NPP tradition is coming to an unceremonious end by the design of God. This damnable marriage significantly lopsidedly benefited only the political party and those individuals voted for, without any minute benefit to the electorates, let alone the constituents.

The wages of sin is death as that of greediness, is disgrace. The year 2008 is to end with a big change for the better in the lives of Kumawuman citizens. God in His wisdom is resolutely determined to effect positive change in the greater Kumawuman district. To achieve this, He is weeding out gradually but surely, all the nonperforming and corrupt public officials and traditional elders. This sends out a stark warning across the political spectrum that Ghanaians are growing wiser and would no longer tolerate any incompetent, myopic, greedy and corrupt officials. Those who think they can buy over the electorates by dishing out to them "crocodile" cutlasses, packets of sugar, tins of milk etc, while always remaining incompetent, are forewarned.

However to give the NPP the benefit of the doubt, most of the constituents are said to have agreed to vote "skirt and blouse". While the Independent candidate is voted for the MP slot, Nana Addo-Danquah Akuffo Addo, the "Bogeyman", who makes some shudder, gets their nod for the presidency. One hopes Nana will remember them on a positive note for this kind gesture if he was not only to maintain their favour for the presidency but to win over the MP slot for the NPP in future.

The same punishment for the incumbent MP who is shaken to the bones by Dominic the Boneshaker, the Independent candidate, goes for the tomboyish queen of Kumawu. Greediness to this queen is like ugliness which cuts deeper across the bone. The economic or infrastructural emancipation of Kumawuman to this queen is like beauty which is only a skin deep. She doesn't give a hoot or a toss about beauty but ugliness. All she knows and cares is selfishness. I wonder how a fifty-and-over year old queen still behaves like a Secondary school student of the 1970's. She behaves as though she had/has never been into relationships before but if she were a man, she would be termed a womaniser. Is she not the known human butterfly that jumps from flower to flower sucking their nectar? Why does she then go about trumpeting with pompousness that Otumfour Osei Tutu II, the Asantehene, is still her boyfriend? Though the Asantehene is happily married, he could still desire to have one day stand with women. Should that happen, do they become his concubines? This lady should give us a break from her nonsense Otumfour connection which is being manipulated to delay the installation of a new paramount chief for Kumawuman.

She always has her repugnant Otumfour affair to brag about whenever she goes to Canada. I now oblige Otumfour to come clean. Is the Kumawuhemaa still his girlfriend as she constantly boasts about though she is known to be going out with one Amoah in Accra? She claims that the Otumfour will eventually decide the Kumawu chieftaincy case in her favour hence, the observation of the unnecessary postponements of the hearing of the case. No wonder, the Asantehene is never prepared to query the woman about whether or not she will counter the Asantehene's Great Oath so invoked on her by the "Abusuapanin" of the Ananangya royal family.

One of the Ankaase royals goes about telling others that they will do whatever is within their capacity to forestall the enthronement of a new paramount chief. His shameless argument is, should they allow an Ananangya royal to be enthroned, and they the Ankaase royals will be barred from the Kumawu paramountcy owing to the decrepitly depraved history knowledge of the Kumawuhemaa. Her ancestors and lineage having been co-opted into the Kumawu paramount royalty by the evil design of a perverted Asantehene, now turns round to accuse the original royals of slavery antecedents. Now history will eventually be told to tell who is who, no matter how far they manipulate the Asantehene for having once engaged in libidinal gratifications with the queen.

Dominic the Boneshaker all the way to parliament comes December 7. Go, Go, Dominic the Boneshaker. Shake the other contestants to the bone.

John Fosu, USA