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06.11.2008 Elections

The Carter Centre Pre-Election's Assessment

By   ISD (Yarkubu Abdul-Jalil/ Osafo Bema Victoria)

The Carter Centre of Atlanta has joined hands with the government of Ghana to preach peace in the Fourth Coming Elections.

At a press conference in Accra, the Vice President for Peace Programme His Excellency Dr John Stremleu said, the centre began a long term phase of the election observation mission by establishing a field office in May and   has deployed some of its members in the tension zone areas since September 18.

Dr  Stemleu revealed that, the team spent the week meeting with each of the political parties, the electoral commission, civil society organisations including domestic observers, representatives of the media, business and faith base communities as well as development  partners and representatives of diplomatic corps and judiciary.

He however, cautioned the various stake holders to resolve the issue of underage registration and commended parents and faith communities for emphasising the importance of assisting children to remove their names from the voter's register, which is a violation of the electoral law.

'These efforts, in addition to proactive measures on the part of all political parties  combined with legal and administrative  mechanisms in place will serve to greatly diminish the potential  problems of ineligibility.' He said

The vice president for the Peace Programme urged the Electoral Commission to arrange more robust meetings between the Parties, the Electoral Commission, Inter Party Advisory Committee (IPAQ) to resolve the misunderstanding and misapprehensions amongst the parties, as well as their rank and file.

He praised Ghana for being one of the top serving democratic state in Africa. As such, they look forward to deploying fifty- short- term observers in December to ensure free, fair and peaceful election.