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29.10.2008 Business & Finance

Unilever Train Entrepreneurs

By Daily Guide

THE UNILEVER Foundation for Education and Development (UFED) has offered training to some 35 entrepreneurs selected from the Nkwanta and Kete Krachi districts of the Volta region.

The two-day workshop for small and medium-size business owners, facilitated by EMPRETEC Ghana Foundation, tasked entrepreneurs to build on their inter-firm relationships since that rendered individual firms less susceptible to risks.

They were also urged to foster mutual exchanges of information and know-how to create a rich pool of collective knowledge.

Andrew Quayson, Chairman of the UFED Board, in a speech read for him, emphasised the importance of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in job creation and economies of both developed and developing countries.

Citing the Asian experience, he said that clearly showed that SMEs have a high propensity to apply technology and training and serve specialized niche markets.

Another key factor that was underlined was Government's provision of technological extension services (such as quality assurance, research support and information on sources of technology) for SMEs.

Mr. Quayson further reminded the participants to try and compete on the global market and sharpen their skills and competencies.

“UFED believes that as a developing country aiming to reach a middle income status by the year 2015, there is not only an urgent need to build strong and vibrant SMEs but also to bring entrepreneurs together in a forum like this to provide a platform for networking and forming inter-firm relationships.

“This is the fundamental reason why the Unilever Foundation invests in these workshops to expose entrepreneurs to a better understanding of the competencies they need to improve their business performance.”

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