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08.10.2008 Politics

Prof. Oquaye poised to retain Dome-Kwabena seat based on achievements

By The Statesman

The Member of Parliament for Dome Kwabenya constituency, and former Energy Minister, Mike Oquaye, has said that he has done enough for his constituency and sincerely believes they would give him another precious four  year term  to complete the numerous projects he is developing for them come December 7th, this year.

Speaking to The Statesman at his residence this weekend after a tour of his constituency, to observe the level of projects he has contracted for development, Professor Oquaye said he became an MP in a rural constituency and is seriously working to raise it into a metropolitan status.

"The constituency then, lacked access to electricity, potable water, light, good roads and other social amenities; there was no senior high school, no hospital, no post office, no police station apart from the small Atomic police station etc. I have taken positive steps towards achieving these,' he said.

'Today, I am constructing a model Community Information Centre and a Post Office for the people of Atomic and Taifa'. The edifice, which runs into thousands of new Ghana cedis, will host an Information Communications Technology Centre, a Computer Laboratory with air-conditioning for school children in the constituency to acquire and share knowledge on ICT. 'Very soon, you can't repair a car as a fitter if you don't have computer knowledge since all modern cars are fully computerized. I am preparing the children of my constituency for the future', he said.

Professor Oquaye has built a shed and a modern toilet facility for the Basari Yam market, In Haatso. This, he said has facilitated trading activities in the market and sanitised the environment within which the traders buy and sell. A modern toilet facility with water closet has also been added. When opening the facility, the acting chief of Haatso described the MP as most progressive.

Upon our inspection tour, we found Prof commenced work for a cottage industry complex at Kwabenya, quickly completed the construction of a three classroom block at Taifa Community School and a computer complex at the Atomic Energy area. At the Atomic public school one sees a beautiful four-room block and toilet complex for the school. The Head was full of praises for the intervention of the MP.

Women empowerment is dear to the MP. He formed the Dome -Kwabenya Women' Association, gave them one hundred and forty million old cedis for 'susu' and further donated ten sewing machines, corn mills and other donations to the women.

The Barrister at Law, who is also the Greater Accra Campaign Coordinator for Nana Akufo-Addo told The Statesman that he became a member of parliament in January 2005 when the constituency had bad road networks, poor infrastructure and sanitary systems, but had within four years followed appropriate agencies to have a lot of work done. 'I followed up to the Roads Ministry and the 'famous' Agbogba bridge which claimed several lives through accidents in the area some years ago was done'. 'I followed up in the same way for the construction of a roundabout at Atomic,' he told The Statesman .

The Prof Oquaye Roundabout, as is popularly referred to by the people of Atomic, is to ease traffic congestion and facilitate vehicular and pedestrian movement. In the past, human beings were knocked down at random at that point. It is now a thing of the past.

Prof has a close link with the physically challenged in his constituency. They are constantly seen in his gates, where all and sundry are welcome. For example, Prof set up a blind man in a tailoring business and is sponsoring another blind man from Musoko, a community in the constituency at the University of Education, Winneba.

Security is his concern. He has caused a police station design to be submitted for construction early next year. Meanwhile, to help his people, he donated a container for the construction of Police Post at Ashongman. This was emulated in other communities.

He lobbied for the construction of a first class asphalt road from Christian village to GIMPA junction. This was followed with the construction of the Agbogba, Abladjei and the Abokobi road and gutters constructed by the Ministry Of Roads and Transport. 'These roads were lefts undone by the previous government which stayed in power for over 19 years, causing the people of the area to suffer for long. The NPP has done it'.

Financial assistance has been given to many bright but needy pupils and students. Many students in his constituency have enrolled and survived in various schools and institutions, polytechnics and secondary schools through his personal educational funding programme. Since a majority of the constituents are single parents with no reliable employment.

His belief in empowering the Youth for a good future made him enroll some idle hands in his constituency in various technical fields. He has built workshops for four young men who did carpentry, block work and corn mill operation to make ends meet.

Being the first to introduce public street lights to the area, Professor Oquaye has again facilitated the acquisition 244 new electric poles through the help of the Ministry of Energy Ministry of Local Government and the Municipal Assembly, to extend electricity and street lights to many deprived communities.

In this the Municipal Chief Executive, Mr Allotey, has been an excellent development partner. Prof has facilitated the provision of 10 large polytanks, water storage facilities to Taifa, Dome, Kwabenya and Atomic communities to curb water shortages the constituency especial the Taifa area has surfed for water shortage over 20 years, with the help of President Kufuor, Prof secured 20 million dollars from MTN to rehabilitate the Accra water loop while Government added 10 million dollars from public funds.

This will soon be completed for the entire constituency and other part of Accra to enjoy greater reliability in water supply.

He also lobbied government to raise the status of the Dome Kwabenya district from a rural assembly to a Metropolitan area. This is hard work.

Professor Oquaye believes that he could easily increase his vote from 65% to 75% based on these achievements and hopes to do more for the constituency when he retains his seat. The NPP record always speaks for itself', he said.

He advised political opponents who have been whipping tribal sentiments and those fomenting strife to stop since Ghanaians are not warlike people and wouldn't want to experience any. 'I will not do anything to get unfair advantage in the December elections and will win the race with clean hands based on what I have done for the people and what they have seen in me. This is the philosophy of the NPP throughout Ghana', he noted.

Professor Oquaye added that his victory on December 7th wouldn't be enough. Rather, a total win by Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is imperative to move Ghana forward.  He urged Ghanaians to vote massively for NPP to show their appreciation for the Kufuor legacy and their confidence in the forward march of the Akufo-Addo era.

Speaking to The Statesman in an interview, Wishwell Essala Ahiadzor, a native of Akatsi in the Volta Region who resides at Atomic, a part of the Dome-Kwabenya constituency, said, 'compared to the NDC, I think the NPP has greatly improved the economy, implemented the National Youth Employment Scheme, Health Insurance Scheme and the Micro and Small Loan Scheme, all of which I am a beneficiary'.

'I voted for the NDC in the year 2000 when I was in my home town because it was a popular party over there and you are perceived as unintelligent if you don't belong to the NDC. I have since regretted it and switched to the NPP where I now have my ID card to boast of', he said.

Another resident of the area, Emmanuel Gbagidi Amuzu, also an Ewe from Sogakope, told The Statesman that he loved the NPP for its robust, aggressive economic policies and strategic road construction plans that have facilitated the construction of the Sogakope, Adidome, Manfe-Aburi roads into first class status. He described the MP as 'fantastic'.