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Ahmadiyya Women holds convention

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By gna

The 29th National Annual Convention of the Lajna Imaillah of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women Association ended in Accra on Saturday bemoaning the misconception that Islam was discriminatory against women.

About 5,000 women across the country attended the two-day convention which was held to also round up the 100 years of the Ahmadiyya spiritual leadership known as Khilafat (succession).
The convention under the theme: “Future Leaders-The Role of Muslim Women” was also to take stock of the physical and spiritual advancement of women in the faith.

Alhaji Mohammed Yusif Yawson, First Deputy Ameer of the Ahmadiyya Mission said Muslims believed that men and women were created equal but the different roles that the Qur'an assigned them have often been misconstrued as discrimination.

He said considering the physical and emotional disparities between the sexes, men were more capable of been guardians of women, whiles women were more effective in caring for children and managing the properties of men.

He said Islam therefore accord dignity and honour to women.

Alhaji Yawson also noted that western culture often encouraged some form of exposure of a woman's body for fashion, but this was inconsistent with the beliefs of Islam.

He therefore expressed worry that in an attempt to ensure the modest dressing of Muslim women, some have described their dressing as primitive.

The First Deputy Ameer advised the women to strive to lead modest lives, be responsible citizens and teach their children to live good lives.
On politics, Alhaji Yawson, entreated the women to exercise their franchise come December and encourage their children above 18 years to also register.

Hajia Rahmat Muslim, President of the Association charged the women to abide by all regulations of the Ahmadiyya Mission and strive at maintaining it as a peaceful one.

“Ahmadiyya is a peaceful sect and if we keep making it so, we can go a long way to conquer the world to join us,” she added.
She reminded the women that Islam was not against elections and asked them to condemn any acts that would result in election violence.

Hajia Muslim advised them to educate their children and to play their roles effectively to reverse the moral degeneration among the youth.

Mrs Salmat Abdul Salam, Director of Administration of the Ministry of Health who was the Guest Speaker, also urged the women to study the Qu'ran to enable them to challenge negative practices meted against them in the name of Islam.
She called on Islam women in leadership to live up to their task in order to serve as role models for the youth.

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