By Harold Akyeampong

A local chapter of a world famous music service organisation,the Percussive Arts Society is collaborating with a number of International and Ghanaian NGOs and government's institutions to organise special days of percussion events in Ghana in September,2008 dubbed KPANLOGO FOR PEACE PERCUSSION FESTIVAL.

The Ghana Percussive Arts Society(GPAS) is the first African chapter of this world famous music service organisation which has its headquarters in the USA,the Percussive Arts Society.It is dedicated to researching,documenting and promoting of percussive arts culture in Ghana. The GPAS which is an open membership organisation, organises percussive related events in many Ghanaian institutions and communities as well as hosts annual Days of Percussion. These events bring performers and drum enthusiasts from all over Ghana and beyond to share the arts,network,inspire creativity,create awareness about the work of PAS and help to preserve and promote percussion cultural arts.

KPANLOGO FOR PEACE, which is the theme for the year's Ghana's Day of Percussion would take place at two venues, Mankessim in the Central region and New Edubiase from 11th-13th September,2008. KPANLOGO as all Ghanaians know is a reference to that special Ga drum and its ensemble suite from the Greater Accra region.It is one of the most popular drums in our country. As 2008 is an election year in Ghana;Tolerance to opposing views and Peaceful campaigns are highly needed during the pre and post electioneering time.

"KPANLOGO FOR PEACE as a theme link for our DOP is to make our programme relevant to our nation's situational needs and to reflect on, and drive home the importance and the power of percussion in advocating and calling for peace in Ghana during this critical time of our nation's political history"

Mr. Harold Akyeampong, the President of the local chapter who is based in the USA reflected. He continued that,during these times, we should know that democracy thrives well when we are tolerant of opposing views and to realize that non-party members are not enemies. He also appealled to politicians not to use people to fan ethnic sentiments which can be fatal and impact the people negativelly in the long run. According to head of the local organising commitee of the festival, Nana Kofi Akonu I of Mankessim, many groups from Ghana and beyond have confirmed their participation.

Among the groups are Africussion-Ghana and Africana Drum and Dance Company from Accra,Etsii Korowa Drum and Dance Ensemble, Obrumankoma Traditionals,Ebibiman Cultural Troupe, Nananom Dance Company, Borborfantse Fontonfrom Group,Kwaanan and the Kyidom Drummers,Mankessim Roman Catholic Brass Band, New Edubiase Catholic Brass band,Akrofuom Kete group, New Edubiase'sOwoaman and Essereso Susubiri Adowa group and from Togbe Yao's Drummers and Adiga Dika Dance Company from the Republic of Togo and Ashe African American Dance Company from USA..According to Mr. Akyeampong, the GPAS has hosted the annual DOP since 2004 and has the experience to make this year's a memorable one. He appealled to all groups interested in participating to visit their website for more information. He continued that all the events are free courtesy of the Percussive Arts Society.Ghana Day of Percussion 2008