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06.07.2008 Religion

Cultivate principles of sanctity, sainthood - Bishop

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Most Reverend Gabriel Akwasi Mante, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Jasikan on Saturday stressed the need for Ghanaians to sow seeds of sainthood in their chosen fields of endeavours.
He said all mankind were born saints but one's ability to excel in any chosen endeavour backed by the tenets of Christendom, confers one into sainthood.
Bishop Mante said this in a homily at a ceremony to unveil and bless the statue of Mary Theresa Ledochowska, who was knighted a Saint, at the Dodi-Papase Catholic hospital, in the Kadjebi district of the Volta Region.
"Service to mankind should not be any daunting task, huge demand or investment but performing one's legitimate task with passion towards ameliorating the suffering of the underprivileged in the society", he said.
Bishop Mante therefore exhorted doctors, nurses, teachers, politicians, farmers, civil servants and pastors to demonstrate extra agility and humility to their calling for the good of mankind and society.
He said the world was saddled with indiscipline, bribery and corruption resulting from people's quest to influence laid down benchmarks and procedures due to the fact that those perpetrators were self-centred in their thought and approach.
Bishop Mante advised the powerful and the rich in society to show restraint in the continuous exploitation of the poor and the disadvantaged as these were against the tenets of the Gospel of God.

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