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30.04.2008 Politics

'If he still wants to quit, so be it'

By The Statesman
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"The Great Elephant Family has just been shaken by some powerful whirlwind. There are little minds trying to derail its progress. And, do we allow these selfish individuals to take the big Family to ransom?"

This is the question put up by Opanyin Yaw Boakye when the friends started discussing the 'I quit' scare issue when they assembled at Togbe Koblavie Dzakuma's house last Sunday to deliberate on the delicate issue that has dominated front pages of local Kowa newspapers and the radio stations' news commentaries.

"I'm really worried. I just can't gloss over it, especially when I go to bed", he added, as he poured tots of the favourite Schnapps Bitters into his glass.

Agya Kow Dadzie also expressed much concern about the issue, saying: "I must confess that this can have some simmering effect on our chances of retaining the Ahenfie Stool".

"What're you telling us, Kow?" shouted Togbe. "This won't have any effect on our Family on the D-day. It'll rather boost our chances. Let me tell you that it's the will of God that it should happen at this time, so that we can patch up the loop holes".

"And so are you saying that the man is not leaving with his fans? Doesn't he have fanatics who are prepared to follow him? Let's not behave as if he is a alone ranger", Agya Kow reacted.

Reacted Opanyin Boakye: "Of course, he has people who understand his course of action. But, should we allow this calamity to happen? That's why the Elders of the Family are trying hard to convince him to rescind his decision".

Togbe sipped bits of the liquor and noted: "My brothers, why can't we call a spade and spade. The man has betrayed all of us. And like what one of the Elders said on radio, woa'ye Omanhene dom … woa'ye Abusua no nso dom. He's betrayed everybody in the Elephant Family.

"Now, listen! He's trying to behave as if he's more important than all of us in the family? It's a pity that we've such selfish big men in the leadership. This really is a proof that, had he been selected to lead us into the big battle, that's how he would have behaved? Some of us have really suffered in this Family. You remember when we had to seek shelter in the bush for months when that Otofo and his Abongo Boys were after our blood? Where was he when even some of his own colleagues were slaughtered like sheep and some incarcerated like common prisoners because they disagreed with the policies in those days? He was somewhere enjoying himself. He only came to enjoy the fruits of the labour built with the blood and sweat of others. He shouldn't annoy me!" the old man added by emptying his glass.

Agya Kow, quietly nodding his head, said: "Indeed, these are the facts and realities. But, let's not try to offer our common enemies the ammunition to shoot us. Let's hope that there'll be amicable settlement. He must rejoin the Family without any conditions. He must show some amount of love for the Elephant Family ".

"Love for the what?" snarled Togbe. "You think he has this Family at heart? I don't think so. If he loves the Elephant, would he go to that length? He has just stated that the Kowa Traditional Area is more important than any other Family. Yes, that's true, but you must first love your Family, since we're all fighting for a better Kowa, which is the biggest Family".

"My brothers, you're so busy that you won't even taste my hot-peppered kyinkyinga, eh?" Daavie pleaded.

"Hmm! We've even forgotten that you've served us something. Old Boys, let's enjoy it", said Togbe.

Noted Opanyin Boakye: "My worry is, does this man realise that he's caused lots of mess in the Family? In fact, he should have had the patience and tolerance to lodge formal complaints rather than trying to hold the Family at ransom with the quit scare. We are aware that these problems happened in other Families some year ago. It did happen to the Odehye Kronkron, who has now been selected to contest the Ahenfie Stool and it was quietly resolved by the Elders.

"He believed in the larger interest of the Elephant Family and trekked with the current Omanhene during his rounds to canvass for support. Indeed, this is the kind of love an Elder must have for the Elephant Family. You don't just bluff us with 'quit' threats. This has really strengthened the Elephant Family".

Togbe added: "I'm glad that the Elders are trying as much as possible to bring the 'cash-man' back. But, I want to sound a note of warning to all the 'wolves in sheep skin' within the Family that, they'll later regret leaving us. If there are any lessons to be learnt, they must ask those who through greed and selfishness, quit the scene but shamefully returned because they couldn't withstand the heat.

"They must remember that our fore-fathers who built this Family with their sacred blood, were principled personalities like how Jesus Christ came to save mankind. They must also remember that the unity and love within the Family is greater than the ego is most likely to destroy them for the rest of their lives.

"Finally, they must remember that it pays to be patient and tolerant, if you want to be a leader of the Family. Let's pray that the so-called crisis will soon be resolved amicably. However, if he still wants to quit, so be it!" Togbe added, as they emptied their glasses.

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