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NPP must get act together!

28.04.2008 LISTEN
By Accra Mail

The ruling party is facing the stresses and strains of an administration in its second term trying to get a third term. In a genuine democracy like ours, not much can be done but to weather the storms and turbulence strictly according to the rules of the democracy game.

After four uninterrupted elections in this 4th Republic, the electorate has come to expect nothing but strict adherence to the rules, so what is happening to/in the NPP would be taken on board when Election Day arrives on December 7 2008.

It is not an easy time for the NPP, with only 8 months to the elections. Mr. Alan Kyeremanten's resignation from the party, no matter from which angle it is looked at is deviating the party from concentrating on its campaign message and programme. Whereas the other parties are busy spreading the message, the NPP is still grappling with Mr. Kyeremanten's resignation. Some senior members of the party seem to have had enough and want him to be shooed off and forgotten, others believe he should be cajoled back, he is also adding to the confusion by not keeping quiet!

So now, we have the party in power which should have been enjoying all the privileges of incumbency with a third term more or less assured, looking so vulnerable. We cannot gloat over that, but we can say “We told you so”. When we kept warning about the open-ended succession plan (or lack of it) we were misunderstood and vilified, but the dangerous chicken we wanted to keep out are now flocking in to roost and cackling most ominously to the delight of the forces ranged to wrestle power from the NPP!

A third term is still within grasp, but the NPP must get its act together – real fast!

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