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06.12.2007 Editorial

Apostle Sarfo deserves Government support

By Ghanaian Chronicle
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One of the things that has made the advanced countries what they are today is science and technology. In fact the Asian tigers have gone far ahead of Africa because they paid particular attention to technology. Today Ghana, and the African continent as a whole has, become the market place where these Asian tigers sell their products to make money to develop their countries.

Taking a cue from what these countries have done, one would have expected that our government would put a premium on technology, if we were also to transform our economy like the Asian countries but nothing concrete is being done.

The founder and leader of the Kristo Asafo Church in Ghana, Apostle Kwadwo Sarfo has come out with several ideas, which if implemented would benefit this country in the long run but the man is rather being vilified by some people from the academia.

The accusation is that what he is doing is not an invention but rather an imitation of somebody's work. What these people seem to have forgotten is that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Most of the computers we are using today are assembled in either China or Japan but the actual design work is done in the western countries. So should we say that Japan and China have done nothing to the final product?

Ghanaians are witnessing the various machines that have been developed here in Ghana by Apostle Kwadwo Sarfo. The latest is the landcruiser he has made.

He may not have designed all the materials used in the production of the car but the fact that he has the idea to do what he is doing must be commended and supported by all Ghanaians.

The Chronicle is therefore surprised that, to date, the government of Ghana has not made any serious efforts to support the man in what he is doing.

If Ghana were a developed country, the government would have given full practical support to the man to improve upon the talent God has given him, but we are sitting down unconcerned.

The vehicle the Apostle has manufactured has been tested by the officials of the Driver License and Vehicle Authority (DVLA) to be in good condition. This alone should have encouraged businessmen and the government to invest in what he is doing, but apart from rhetorical comments the government has not taken any steps to do this.

The Chronicle believes that if Apostle Sarfo is well promoted the government can decide to use only his cars to save the foreign currency that we use in importing cars for government agencies in the country.

This is the time for the government to give practical meaning to its avowed aim of promoting the private sector, which is seen as the engine of growth of the economy.

Apostle Kwadwo Sarfo may not have high educational qualifications, but he has come out with a laudable initiative that must be supported to transform this country.

This is not the time to pull the man down because what he doing is supposedly not an invention. As we pointed out earlier this is how the Koreans, Japans, Singapores and others started and today they are world-class producers of vehicles and cars, which we are using.

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