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15.11.2007 Regional News

Petition to Parliament by the Clan Heads & Chief of Anlo.

By Kobla Kwawukume, Esq.



Dated: 14th November 2007

We the Clan Heads and legitimate Chiefs of Anlo in our capacity as the customary and traditional representatives of all Anlo citizens according to the constitutional jurisprudence of Anlo wish to respond to the Statement of Hon. Kwamena Bartels, MP, Minister for The Interior of the Republic of Ghana, made on the floor of Parliament on the 6th of November in the year of our Lord Two Thousand and Seven (2007) on the situation in the Anlo Traditional Area regarding the Chieftaincy dispute, the purported installation of Francis Nyonyo Agboada aka Atitsogbui as the Awoamefia of Anlo, and the outcome of the violent clamp down on the resistance put up by the Youths of Anlo by the personnel of The Ghana Police Service, and hereby say as follows:

The claim that the Agboada family was a party to the suit to restrain the installation of one Patrick Agboba is not true. The suits were filed by Amega Kofi Togobo and Col (Rtd) Togobo and Amega C.N Kwawukume and Seth Kwawukume as Heads and Principal Members of the Fui Agbeve and Adika Drafor lineages of the Adzovia Royal family to restrain the installation of one Patrick Agboba by the Dei Aximexada lineage of the Royal family. The Respondents are Torgbui Addo VIII of Klikor, the late Togbui Tamekloe IV, Amega Logosu Adzaklo, Mr. Ben Sakpaku and Mr. John Fiafor. Members of the Agboada family namely, Amega Vincent Egle Agboada, Napoleon Agboada, Gagadosu Agboada and Francis Nyonyo Agboada are however respondents to two suits filed by the Kwawukume and Togobo families at the Judicial Committee of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs of the Volta Region in the year 2003 and 2006 to challenge, among other reliefs sought by the Petitioners, the illegal appointment of Francis Nyonyo Agboada as regent. We attach copies of the pending writs at the Judicial Committee of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs, Ho. (Marked as Exhibit 1X & Exhibit X).

Hon. Kwamena Bartels claimed there was a clash between the two factions laying claim to the throne. Again that is not true. The clash was between Nyonyo Agboada's thugs/Ghana Police on the one hand and the Youths of Anlo. It was a popular resistance by the Youths of all the Clans of Anlo who gathered at the Agorwowornu Shrine in support of the Agave Clan, who are the owners and the custodians of the shrine, to resist an act which in Anlo constitutional jurisprudence is a subversion of the throne of Anlo. Besides, the use of the shrine for public rituals is guided by rules and customs which in this case were not being followed. The Agave clan therefore has a legitimate right in Anlo constitutional law and jurisprudence to refuse and resist the use of the shrine. The Agave Clan, as owners of the shrine, also has propriety right to refuse the violation of their property under the laws of Ghana by use of reasonable force.

This was not the first time that the Youths resisted a desecration of the shrine by Francis Nyonyo Agboada's thugs and the police. The attack and the desecration of the Agorwowornu Shrine by the police, Francis Nyonyo Agboada and his thugs took place in 2005 and 2006. It has become a yearly ritual.

The Nyonyo Agboada thugs with the support of the police behind them were the ones who first attacked with cutlass the Youths who were gathered at the Shrine drumming and singing.

The Youth repelled the attackers with a barrage of stones. The police opened fire and shot dead two of the Youths and an innocent woman in cold blood. The police expecting that the Youths would be cowed to abandon their patriotic duty were shocked by the bravery exhibited by the Youths who, incensed at the death of their colleagues surged forward with their bare hands and a barrage of stones. The bravery of the courageous Youths shocked the police who then took to their heels. A police officer was declared missing but later found dead.

A careful reading of the statement by Hon. Kwamena Bartels alluded to the above facts. Even though Hon. Kwamena Bartels tried hard to distort the true facts there was a clear admission of the fact that Nyonyo Agboada's thugs and the police were the agent provocateurs. To quote from the statement, “ On 1st November, 2007, the Kingmakers attempted to move this process (installation of Nyonyo) forward by performing some customary rites at Yorxoenu/Toli shrine ( Agorwowornu of Agave Clan) of the Anlo people, but this was opposed by the (Youth of Anlo) other faction. Unfortunately, Mr.Speaker, this resulted in violence. The police intervention to restore law and order was fiercely resisted by both parties.” Bracket words inserted for a clear picture of the truth.

The so called attempt to move the installation process forward referred to was an attack on the Youths to gain access to the Agorwowornu Shrine. The police did not intervene to restore law and order as claimed by Hon. Kwamena Bartels; rather as usual in support of the attackers they opened fire on the Youths.

We refute the claim of the Hon. Kwamena Bartels that the Ghana Police was notified by the 'Anlo Traditional Council' of their intention to organize a five day ”Cultural festival”. This claim constitutes nothing but perjury. The evidence is here before you, a copy of a letter dated 22nd October 2007 signed by Napoleon Agboada as Awoamefia Stool Secretary addressed to the Divisional Commander, Ghana Police Service and copied to the Chief of staff, Office of the President, Castle-Osu, The Minister, Ministry of Interior, the Minister, Chieftaincy Affairs. The heading of the letter is “Final Installation Ceremonies for Togbui Sri 111-Request for Police Assistance” and written on a paper headed the Royal Adzovia Clan. The import of the letter was to request for police assistance for installation and not protection for a five day cultural festival as claimed by Hon. Kwamena Bartels on the floor of Parliament. In any case the intended installation was widely circulated in the print and electronic media. The intended subversion of the Throne of Anlo was a matter of public knowledge and not any intelligence report as claimed in the statement.

But then, what are Hon. Kwamena Bartels and the Ghana Police Service waiting for to have Nyonyo Agboada and his alleged Kingmakers arrested and charged for deceit of Public officers leading to breach of public peace and security, loss of live and property? We can go on and list scores of charges that can be preferred against the main architects behind the carnage. The reason why this is not being done is that the case would collapse in court. Besides the so called Kingmakers, The Ghana Police, Hon. Kwamena Bartels and others are all co- conspirators in this crime against the innocent people of Anlo.

It is not surprising that, having had their illegal and sacrilegious plan foiled, the victims of the alleged deceit of public officers and the Police carnage are the ones that have been made to suffer the brute force of the Police and the might of the military. Is the life of one police officer who was acting like a common criminal, a killer in police uniform, worth more than the lives of the five people killed by the Police to warrant the massive deployment of the Police and military, the arbitrary mass arrests, brutalities, curfew, etc.? Hon Bartels' statement is nothing but a hoax and propaganda to cover up the truth and the imminent exposure of evil men in high places behind the plot.

Francis Nyonyo Agboada, and the main architects and the thugs behind this crime on peace loving Anlos walk about as free men whilst the victims and innocent people languish in jail, hundreds of them turned into refugees and being haunted by the police. In spite of the directives of Hon. Kwamena Bartels they would have had a public meeting with the police in attendance on the 13th October 2007 but for the patriotic men of the Ghana Armed Forces who stopped it.

The claim by Hon. Kwamena Bartels that there were no legal and security basis for refusing the request to organize the alleged five day Cultural festival constitute nothing but perjury of the august house of Parliament and gross dishonesty and breach of his oath as a minister of state. To prove our case we present to the House of Parliament the following documents.

13.1 A petition by the Chiefs of Anlo to President John Agyekum Kuffour in November 2005 entitled ”APPEAL TO HIS EXCELLENCY THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF GHANA TO USE HIS GOOD OFFICES TO HELP PREVENT A TRAGEDY IN THE ANLO STATE”. Knowing how government works this letter must be in the possession of the Ministry of Interior and Hon. Kwamena Bartels. (Marked as Exhibit 11)

13.2 A letter dated 22nd, October 2007 signed by Napoleon Agboada on the letter head of Adzovia Royal Clan to the Divisional Police Commander and copied to the Chief of Staff, Office of the President, The Minister, Ministry of Interior, The Minister, Chieftaincy Affairs, The Volta Regional Minister informing them of the intended subversion of the throne of Anlo and requested for police assistance. (Marked as Exhibit 1)

13.3. Letter dated 18th October 2007 and signed by Hon. Nana Obiri Boahen, Minister of State, Ministry of Interior addressed to the Divisional Commander, Divisional Headquarters, and Ghana Police Service and copied to the Inspector General of Police, The Regional Police, Ghana Police Service, Volta Region among others (Marked as Exhibit 111).

13.4. Petition dated 10th October 2007 by Amega Vincent Egle Agboada, care taker of the Awoamefia Stool, to the Minister of Interior in which he complained of police inaction when his household was attacked in the midnight of 7th October 2007 by thugs recruited by Nyonyo in an attempt to seize the stool. He expressed fear for his life and that of his household, for he believed the police were in bed with Nyonyo Agboada.

13.5 Petition dated 12th October 2007 by Amega Koku Agbetorwoka, Secretary to Awadada of Anlo addressed to the Minister of Interior and copied to the Inspector General of Police, the Regional Police commander among others. The petition painted a very grim and horrifying picture of alleged criminal activities of Seth Lumorvi Atitsogbui aka Francis Nyonyo Agboada and his supporters ranging from assault, battery to murder with alleged complicity and cover up by police Units Stationed in the Anlo District, Ho and Accra. It also chronicled a pattern of harassment of the chiefs, violation of their constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom of association, and desecration of scared places and shrines with active support and participation of the police. The timing is to get the Minister of Interior to stop what was becoming a yearly ritual - the invasion and desecration of the Agorwowornu shrine by the police every November, the period of the Hogbetsotso festival. (Marked as Exhibit V)

13.6 Letters dated 23rd July and 2nd August 2007 by Amega Raymond Okudzeto addressed to the Regional Commander of Police, Bernard Guyiri Dery and copied to the Inspector General of Police, Hon. Kwamena Bartels, Minister for Interior, The Volta Regional Minister, Kofi Dzamesi, Hon. S.K Boafo, Minister for Chieftaincy Affairs. Hon Poku, Minister for State Security, the Director of Bureau of National Investigation, Tommy Amematekpor, Presidential Advisor, A.K Deku, Member of Council of State. The content of the letter is to inform all of these persons of the criminal activities and harassment of the Chiefs and people of Anlo by Francis Nyonyo Agboada through the illegal and criminal use of the police force (Marked as Exhibit V1 & V11)

13.7 The letter of Bernard Guyiri Dery in response to Amega Raymond Okudzeto's letter of 23/7/07 with copies to the Inspector General of Police, Hon. Kwamena Bartels, Minister for Interior, The Volta Regional Minister, Kofi Dzamesi, Hon. S.K Boafo, Minister For Chieftaincy Affairs. Hon Poku, Minister for State Security, the Director of Bureau of National Investigation, Tommy Amematekpor, Presidential Advisor, A.K. Deku, Member of Council of State. The content is nothing but just a confirmation of police and political complicity in criminal acts against peace loving citizens of Anlo. (Marked as Exhibit V111)

14. We humbly demand of you members of this August House of Parliament to ask Hon. Kwamena Bartels how in the face of all these petitions before him and the Police Service they could reasonably and honestly come to the conclusion that there were no legal and security basis to refuse permit for the alleged ' Cultural festival'.

15. Again we request of you Honorable members to ask Hon. Kwamena Bartels, be that as it may, that a permit was requested and granted to organize the alleged cultural festival, would the purported attempt to install Francis Nyonyo Agboada not constitute a deceit of public officers, which amounts to a criminal act under the laws of this country, albeit a demeanor, and a breach of the term of the permit granted and therefore a breach of the Public Order Act, again a criminal offence under the law?

16 Again, Honorable members of the Parliament of Ghana, would the needless loss of life, destruction of property, the brutalities and human rights violations and the huge cost to Ghanaians of the ongoing pretension of maintaining peace not have been avoided if the Police had halted the process of installation and withdrew the permit for the alleged cultural festival? They did not but looked on as admitted by Kwamena Bartels: “On 1st November, 2007, the Kingmakers attempted to move this process forward by performing some customary rites at the Yorxoenu/Toli shrine of the Anlo people at Anloga,..”

17. We may ask how many canisters of tear gas, rubber bullets, water cannons, etc., the police took to Anloga. None, rather they went armed to the teeth.

18. Honorable Members of Parliament, the people of Anlo and the good people of Ghana would want to know why they were armed to the teeth. The answer is simple: they knew they were on a mission to assist the installation of Seth Lumorvi Atitsogbui aka Francis Nyonyo Agboada, as the Awoamefia of Anlo. And they knew what they would expect so they went prepared. They knew as far back as Nov. 2005 and this was not as a result of any intelligence work by the Police, as claimed by Mr. Bartels. Permit us to quote the concluding paragraphs of the petition the Clan Heads and Chiefs sent to The President of Ghana, His Excellency John Agyekum Kuffour as far back as late October 2005. And we quote: “There are strong rumors that the self-styled Regent Francis Nyonyo Agboada has designs to have him out-doored as the Awoamefia of Anlo during the durbar of the festival. Should this happen there is bound to be unrest in Anlo, leading to possible bloodshed. We therefore appeal to your Excellency the President to intervene and save Anlo from this tragedy.”

19. Granted that the permission was for a “cultural festival” and not installation of a chief who should take the blame for the consequences? Certainly, not the Youths of Anlos who were resisting what in Anlo constitutional jurisprudence amounts to subversion of the state of Anlo (as constituted and represented by the Clan Heads) the offence of which is capital punishment in the olden days. In Anlo constitutional law, custom and usage, the attempt by the Police to overpower the Youths is an act which but for the fact Anlo is part of the modern State of Ghana would necessitate a declaration of war by the Clan Heads of Anlo.

20. We the Clan Heads and Chiefs Anlos exercised restraint and patience when confronted with this adversity on the basis of the social contract that we signed with other ethnic groups forming the State of Ghana to surrender our sovereignty and the right to defend ourselves, our customs and traditions as a people. We expect the State to be responsive to our needs and in turn protect us. However, the irony of our particular circumstance is that the very institutions of the State that we all hope and expect would protect us rather is the adversity that confronts us. This is the dilemma that we Anlos find ourselves in and we ask of you our representatives, WHY?

21. We do not expect Hon. Kwamena Bartels, the office of the Attorney General and government officials, heads of institutions and agencies to know the constitutional jurisprudence of the ethnic groups of Ghana, though some understanding would help State officials in the performance of the responsibilities that we are as a people tasked them to perform, deriving from the social contract on which the State of Ghana is built.

22. However, we expect of them a thorough understanding of the laws which form the basis of this social contract as contained in the 4th Republican Constitution, i.e., the fundamental human rights as guaranteed under the Constitution, respect for the rule of law and the respect of the courts, fairness, equality and impartiality by government officers and agencies in the discharge of their functions.

23. We therefore find baffling the legal arguments by Hon. Kwamena Bartels under the heading. “Alleged Injunction on the Installation of an Awoamefia”. Is there a need for the contesting parties or government to make a fresh application for an injunction in view of the pending cases to determine the substantive issue of who ascends the throne before the Judicial Committee of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs and the restraining order obtained against the legitimate and legally constituted Anlo Traditional Council since the year 2000 to install an Awoamefia?. The answer is NO. The argument is flawed in law and the so called injunction he claimed the government obtained is just part of the grand plan to throw dust into the eyes of Ghanaians. The government could have invoked the Public Order Act (Act 114) on the basis of the facts before them: if not in 2005, but certainly as at 31st October 2007.

24. What baffles we Anlos more is that how could there be this monumental failure, of the state security and intelligence apparatus when there is overwhelming evidence and warning signs of this fire that they have set, if not properly handled, could consume not only Anlo but the fabric and parchment on which the socio-legal contract which bind us together to form Ghana is sewn.

25. The reasons as contained in the letter of Bernard Guyiri Dery dated and addressed to Amega Raymond Okudzeto and copied to the Inspector General of Police, Hon. Kwamena Bartels, Minister for the Interior, the Volta Regional Minister, Kofi Dzamesi, Hon. S.K Boafo, Minister for Chieftaincy Affairs, Hon Poku, Minister for State Security, The Director of Bureau of National Investigation, Tommy Amematekpor, Presidential Advisor, A.K Deku, and Member of Council of State are unbelievably partisan and grossly unprofessional on the part of a State official. Permit us to quote paragraph 15 of the said letter “Intelligence indicated that Togbui Sri 111 and his followers/supporters are true followers of the NPP in the Anlo Constituency and that is the reason why he is hated----.“ Similar statements expose the master minds that have hijacked the Police Service and turned poor men and women of the service to nothing but common criminals and murderers. This is insanity.

26. .Permit us to state that the Awoamefia and partisan politics do not, when dawn breaks, put a piece of fish or a grain of corn on the table of the ordinary and simple fisher folk and farmers of Anlo. Therefore the criteria for the selection to the throne are not done through the lenses of partisan politics, money, social contacts, influence or patronage that characterized modern politics. The criterion passed on to us the Clan Heads from ancient times by our ancestors, is derived from their firm belief that honesty and good reputation is better than riches. The time honored criteria is therefore “a man of good reputation, wholesome in character and body, and pure in heart and soul”. If you do not measure up to this criteria forget it. You can be a Bill Gates or command the might of the US army but will not find favour with the Clan Heads who are the King makers of Anlo. We hope you can now appreciate and understand the resistance of the Youth and the revulsion of the proud people of Anlo.

27. The vicious attacks and false accusations of treasonable offences against Amega Raymond Okudzeto, a patriotic and well meaning son of Ghana and Anlo, the persistent violation of the people and human rights of Anlos over the past years, the needless loss of innocent lives, the arbitrary arrests and brutalities and torture of hundreds of Anlo youths, internal displacement of hundreds of youths, disruption of economic activity, closure of schools, continued detention of innocent people, the lies, perjury, hypocrisy and cover ups going on cannot be just for the insane ambition of one scoundrel, his hoodlums, and thugs for the sake of gaining votes. Certainly not, for no sane person would think that he would make any political gain out of this. So why, we cannot understand except there is a much bigger and a hidden agenda. If there is we cannot but conclude that it is an evil one.

28. This is what we hear when we listen to ourselves in the quiet of our hearts and when we hear the wailings of our sons and daughters across the world and see the anguish, pain, and sorrow in the eyes of our mothers and fathers. Our Soul and Spirit as a people is deeply troubled.

29. Our faith and confidence in the social contract that we Anlos have entered with our fellow Ghanaians has eroded completely. What happened in Anlo would not have happened but for the fact that we have surrendered our sovereignty and with it the right to defend ourselves and the structures to contain this subversion. We Anlos are like the mudfish with our tails in each others mouths, so even when we are quarrelling we still watch for each others eyes. This is not to say that we do not admit that there are evil ones among us but for whose connivance this act would not have taken place. 'Amedzro bada afetor bada gboe wo dze na.”. However, again our hands are tied down from eliminating the evil ones among us by the social contract of Ghana.

30. The weight of evidence we have put before this august House suggest clearly that whilst we the Clan Heads and law abiding Anlos have resorted to the courts and legal avenues provided us under the socio-legal contract of Ghana, the very people and the institutions that are entrusted to ensure that the social contract works have resorted to illegalities, and unlawfully and unjustly turned the coercive and the violent instruments of State on Anlo. This is in breach of the social contract Anlo have with our fellow Ghanaians.

31. This is what brought us we the Clan Heads and legitimate Chiefs of Anlo before you the representatives of all Ghanaians. The matter as to whether Atitsogbui, Albert Kan Dappah, Kwamena Bartels, Francis Poku, Tommy Amematekpor, Kofi Dzamesi is installed Awoamefia of Anlo is the least of the worries of Anlos. When an Awoamefia is installed by the KING MAKERS of Anlo THE CLAN HEADS, as the people's representatives of Anlo from whom the Awoamefia derives its highly limited power and authority - as ultimate power still rests with the Clan heads as the people's representative - it is always a time of consensus, peace and celebration.

32. We Anlos plead with you the members of the august House of Parliament, the peoples representative on whom ultimate responsibility lie, to ensure that the social contract and the institutions of state work as intended by all of us Ghanaians.

33. Our message to you and our fellow countrymen in this social experiment of Ghana is simple. We Anlos have been taken to “adzanu”. We are being pushed to cross the deep abyss into a land of desolation by those that we have entrusted our destiny as a country. We Anlos shall not undertake this journey alone if you stand by and watch. Godui deka doge mia la, with one leg of the rest of Ghanaians and one leg of Anlo in 'godui deka' we shall cross 'adzanu” together into the land of desolation. We admonish you and the rest of Ghanaians that if you allow these evil men among us to kill the Soul and Spirit of Anlo it would not rot and decay but the dead and rotten Soul of Anlo would turn to undying worms to infest and feed on the body politic of Ghana forever.

34 .We therefore, for the sake of our common good, ask of you and the rest of Ghanaians to add your voice to the voice of Anlo to call on His Excellency President John Agyekum Kuffour, that if indeed, he has the good of Ghana and Ghanaians at heart and he was sincere and honest to Ghanaians when he took the oath of the highest office of the land and believes in the rule of law, respect for the courts, then he should demonstrate that to all Ghanaians and to restore the confidence of Anlo in the social contract of Ghana, the state institutions particularly the Ghana Police, to preserve the social, and political cohesion of Ghana for us the living and the unborn.

35. Before we proceed to do that, we admonish our fellow countrymen who together with us Anlos are engaged in this social, seemingly fragile and highly vulnerable enterprise called Ghana, and yet, our ONLY beloved country. As small and insignificant as we might appear like a speck of dust our strength, courage, bravery, intelligence and wisdom must not be insulted or taken for granted in our search for justice as is being done.

36. Our Demands on His Excellency John Agyekum Kuffour, President of the Republic of Ghana.

We the Clan Heads and Chiefs of Anlo having stated our position on the war declared on Anlo by the institutions of state, we demand the following from the Government:

36.1. The immediate withdrawal of the Military and Police deployment from Anlo to enable the peace loving people to go about their economic activities which have been severely disrupted by the imposition of a so-called state of emergency which is a cover for government and its agents to allow Nyonyo and his hoodlums to continue to harass the citizens. This is also necessary for hundreds of youths who have fled the town in fear of the police victimization and are now in hiding as refugees in their own country. This is the harvest season; the people should not be deprived of their livelihood.

36.2. The immediate release of all those illegally arrested and incarcerated in Ho in the dragnet operation of covering for their own crimes against our people.

36.3. The immediate removal of the Regional Minister Kofi Dzamesi and the DCE Ahiabor who have shirked their responsibilities to the people, and rather support their persecution.

36.4 The immediate transfer of all policemen presently stationed in Anloga and Keta because they have shirked their professional duties and have blindly supported Nyonyo's illegal activities.

36..5. The immediate transfer of the Volta Regional police command and in particular the Regional Police Commander for selling his conscience to do the bidding of evil men and forces and then turn round to insult the intellect of Anlos. Judging from the unprofessional effusions in his letter, the flawed logic, the extreme partisan position adopted, the wild and vicious allegations, threats, etc., against a truly patriotic citizen of Ghana Dumega Raymond Okudzeto and for exposing the diabolical plot of his paymasters, he should be discharged dishonourably from the Ghana Police Service. He is a disgrace to the Ghana Police Service.

36.6. In view of the complicity of the police, the Ministry of Interior and inaction of the Office of The President, we want an independent and impartial judicial committee headed by a Senior Judge to provide answers to Anlo and Ghanaians on what went wrong in our body politic, that the very institutions of state mandated to protect and defend all Ghanaians could be hijacked and used by one individual to viciously persecute peace loving Anlos; the violation of their human rights; the killings and maiming, and the death and brutalities in police custody, etc. whilst the Office of the President and Ministers of State turned a blind eye and could look the elected representatives of the people of Ghana in the face and lied to them in the august House of Parliament. How come the victims become the criminals locked in police cells whilst the criminals walk freely?

37. Before we take leave of you to consider this travesty of justice in Anlo and our dear country Ghana and the very grave matters which go to the foundation of the very house of Parliament we would admonish you that you do not let our quest for justice and legitimate answers for the insanity that took place in Anlo be drowned in the cacophony of partisan politics. We admonish the minority National Democratic Party not to make a political capital out of this our sad story, as it is said in Anlo, “Adela megblor wo kata o”. This tragic story of Anlo as told today is from the middle pages. At the appropriate forum and at the appropriate time when all the pages are laid bare it is a double edged sword, it cuts both ways. We urge the majority National Patriotic Party to take courage and rise above parochial party interest and act for the common good of Anlo and Ghana to protect the foundations of the very house of Parliament where you sit, in the interest of all Ghanaians as their elected representatives, the good people of Ghana in whom ultimate power rests.

38. If you the elected representatives of all Ghanaians fail to provide Anlo justice in this our tragic moment posterity shall not forgive you, neither would you be able to forgive yourself. With much reluctance and caution we need remind this August House of Parliament that though Anlo appears as a tiny ant the history of Ghana attest to the fact that Anlo is a Samson. We are now captured and chained as our current predicament indicates. But do not forget the chains in which we are, are tied to the very foundations of this House on which the social contract of Ghana stands. Do not let our groaning in pain create serious cracks in the foundation. Be that as it may, 'anyanornoe' in spite of its small size is able to drain the Lion of its strength and ultimately bring it to its knee by sheer determination and perseverance.

39. However, it is our hope, though very faint and distant, that Anlo would find justice in this land and we want to assure you and fellow Ghanaians that we have the fortitude, wisdom and patience to wait on you to take the bold and courageous decisions required of you so that this insanity is not repeated in Anlo or meted to any of our brothers and sisters in this social contract with us in our dear and beloved country. It is your destiny to Save GHANA. Mia fe gbe dzea anyi. Akpe na mi. Mawu ne yra mi. Mawu ne yra Ghana nyigba.

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Source/contact:Kobla Kwawukume, Esq.

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